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Special Yogyakarta Tour Package: Witness the Mystical Labuhan Ceremony in Mount Merapi and Lawu

Special Yogyakarta 2019 Tour Package: Witness the Mystical Labuhan Ceremony in Mount Merapi and Lawu

If you have ever visited Borobudur and Prambanan Temple on your journey to Yogyakarta, it’s still not a bad idea to take another Yogyakarta tour package. This is because Yogyakarta has countless things to explore that will ask you to come back again every time you are available. For today, we will introduce you to the mystical Labuhan Ceremony in Mount Merapi and Lawu.

The Labuhan Ceremony in Sacred Yogyakarta Mountains

In addition to the wonderful journey to watch sunrise on the summit of Mount Merapi or Mount Lawu, there is one more thing that you shouldn’t miss on your Yogyakarta tour package. Yeah, it is to watch the Labuhan Ceremony, a traditional custom ceremony to maintain a good relationship between Yogyakarta Sultan Palace and the supernatural figure of the sacred mountains.

The Labuhan Ceremony in Mount Merapi

Since Mount Merapi is considered as one of the most sacred places for the Yogyakarta Palace, Labuhan Ceremony is also held in this mountain. If you book your Yogyakarta tour package during the schedule of this ceremony, you will be able to witness local people gather in the slope of Mount Merapi early in the morning.

Those who perform the ceremony will dress on traditional Javanese clothes and carry offerings or gifts to respect the founding fathers of Mataram Kingdom. The offerings include clothes, headdresses, perfume, waistbands, shoes and more. This ceremony is no doubt able to make your Yogyakarta tour package far more interesting and able to create exceptional experience. 

The Labuhan Ceremony in Mount Lawu

At the same day of the Labuhan Ceremony which is held in Mount Merapi, the same custom ceremony is also conducted in Mount Lawu. The Labuhan Ceremony which takes place in Mount Lawu aims to honor the ancestors of the Sultans of Yogyakarta. Since it is held at the same time, you may choose which one your Yogyakarta tour package will include.

How Is the Best Way to Watch the Ceremony?

Since it is an annual event which is only held once in a year, you need to make sure that you come to Yogyakarta during the event schedule. Because the event is based on Javanese lunar calendar, it may different for every year when it is converted to Gregorian calendar. So, consider discussing your Yogyakarta tour package with a local tour company.

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