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Special Dieng Tour Package: Tips to Enjoy the Spectacular Dieng Culture Festival

Special Dieng 2019 Tour Package: Tips to Enjoy the Spectacular Dieng Culture Festival

For you who are planning to take a Dieng tour package on your upcoming visit to Indonesia especially Central Java, consider coming in the moment of Dieng Culture Festival will be a perfect idea. Conducted once in a year, Dieng Culture Festival is absolutely an amazing cultural attraction that you should watch at least once in a life.

Overview of Dieng Culture Festival

Dieng Culture Festival is for sure not included to a regular Dieng tour package since this event is only held once in each year. It is usually held between the end of July and the beginning of August. The primary agenda on this festival is the traditional custom ceremony of cutting the hair of Bajang kids (kids who were born with unique dreadlock hair).

In addition to the custom ceremony, there are some other various events that make Dieng Culture Festival a popular activity on any Dieng tour package. In the evening, you will be able to witness the spectacular lantern festival and firework fiesta. Moreover, you can also enjoy a special jazz performance and witness breathtaking sunrise in the next morning.

Tips to Enjoy Dieng Culture Festival

Then, how can you enjoy the Dieng Culture Festival. For you who make it as your first time to spectate the Dieng Culture Festival, you will need some tips to make the best of your experience. To help you get the most of your moment while enjoying your special Dieng tour package, here are some tips for you to follow.

Go with the Right Tour Company 

Whether it is your first time to visit Dieng or not, it is recommended for you to go for the Dieng Culture Festival with a reputable tour company. The ticket to join the festival is usually sold out early since this festival is everyone’s favorite. So, consider booking your Dieng tour package early in a reliable local tour company.

Bring Your Warm Clothes

Well, Indonesia might be a tropical country, but Dieng is on the highland where you can experience such cold temperature. To make you feel comfortable as you join the special Dieng tour package to watch Dieng Culture Festival, make sure to bring some warm clothes including a warm jacket, warm hat and hand gloves to cover your body.

Stay Overnight in a Homestay

You are better to stay overnight if you want to witness all the agenda of Dieng Culture Festival from beginning until the end. You may need to consider coming there a day or two before the festival started since there will be heavy traffic jam during the festival. So, consider booking a Dieng tour package that let you spend more days in Dieng.

That’s all some of the tips to enjoy Dieng Culture Festival. If you are interested to witness all the spectacular agendas within the Dieng Culture Festival, you can discuss it with Jogjabromotour.com. Providing a lot of enjoyable tour packages around Central Java and Yogyakarta, Jogjabromotour.com will guarantee you to get the best Dieng tour package for your special journey.

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