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Siraman Pusaka Ceremony: A Unique Ceremony to Watch within Your Yogyakarta Tour Package

Siraman Pusaka Ceremony 2019: A Unique Ceremony to Watch within Your Yogyakarta Tour Package

Your Yogyakarta tour package may include many things from a tour to the most beautiful beaches in Yogyakarta to a trek to Mount Merapi. When there are a lot of things to do in Yogyakarta, witnessing a traditional custom ceremony in this city must be astonishing and fun. Among a few ceremonies that are available in Yogyakarta, Siraman Pusaka ceremony is absolutely worth checking for.

A Peek to Siraman Pusaka Ceremony

You must have ever heard about Sekaten or Labuhan Ceremony which are also popular among tourists who take Yogyakarta tour package. Siraman Pusaka ceremony is for sure a different event which is outside these two big ceremonies. Siraman Pusaka is a ceremony which is held by Yogyakarta Palace to rinse out Pusaka (special treasures owned by the palace).

There are some items that are rinsed out such as spear, dagger and gamelan (a Javanese traditional music instrument). This traditional custom is held every a Javanese month of Sura especially on certain Friday or Thursday within the month. If you book a Yogyakarta tour package outside the month, you may not be able to witness this ceremony in Yogyakarta Palace.

Among the items that are rinsed out, there are some of the most important items which are considered to have supernatural powers. For example, the spear of K.K Ageng Plered and the dagger of Kyai Ageng Sengkelat. These two items are being rinsed only by Sri Sultan. So, are you interested to witness this Siraman Pusaka ceremony within your Yogyakarta tour package?

Alternatives to Siraman Pusaka Ceremony

If you cannot make your time to watch Siraman Pusaka ceremony while you visit Yogyakarta, you don’t need to be worry. As mentioned before, Yogyakarta offers countless things that you can do. So, you can simply arrange your Yogyakarta tour package to explore the other exciting parts of Yogyakarta. And here are some of the alternatives that you may love.

Visit the Sultan Palace and Water Castle

You may not be able to witness the Siraman Pusaka ceremony as you visit the Sultan Village, but you can still explore the palace and learn about the old Javanese culture and architecture around the palace complex. After that, you can stop by to explore the Taman Sari Water Castle that offers such interesting architecture. This is actually a popular destination for Yogyakarta tour package.

Learn Batik Craft at Museum Batik

If you are interested to Javanese culture, learning more about batik craft must make your trip to Yogyakarta even more memorable. At Museum Batik Yogyakarta, you will be able to experience how to create batik in the proper way. There is no doubt that it will be another fun thing to do within your Yogyakarta tour package.

Final Words

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