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Saparan Bekakak Ceremony, a Traditional Ceremony to Check for within Your Yogyakarta Tour Package

Saparan Bekakak Ceremony 2019, a Traditional Ceremony to Check for within Your Yogyakarta Tour Package

You might have thought about various destinations to be included to your Yogyakarta tour package. However, have you considered about a traditional custom ceremony that is available in Yogyakarta? Instead of experiencing the regular tour, it must be more exciting to arrange your tour during a special event like custom ceremony which is held over the year.

A Peek to Saparan Bekakak Ceremony in Yogyakarta

And one of the custom ceremonies that is worth checking for is Saparan Bekakak Ceremony. This annual event is held particularly in Ambarketawang Village which is not far away from the Yogyakarta downtown area. Witnessing this ceremony within your Yogyakarta tour package must be an excellent experience especially if you have huge interest on embracing Yogyakarta culture.

History of the Tradition

It is said that this traditional ceremony is as ancient as the Yogyakarta Palace itself. The ritual ceremony itself is based on the story of Ki Wirosuto and Nyai Wirosuto (Mr. and Mrs. Wirosuto), who are a servant who serve the first Sultan Hamenkubuwono. If you come to the ceremony with the right Yogyakarta tour package, you can learn more about the history.

The Cultural Attractions

At first, this Ceremony was an activity which smells just like a ritual. However, nowadays, it is far more like a cultural attraction that is served to tourists. There will be a parade of horse line called Kudo Wiro Manggolo, soldiers of Bregodo Gamping Tengah and a group of Bekakak. This is no doubt will be a nice cultural attraction on your Yogyakarta tour package.

Additional Attraction within the Ceremony

The ceremony may be conducted for one day only, but the location where the ceremony takes place on is still lively even until the next few days. This is because there is also evening market and art stage which makes the location a nice place for people to gather and have fun. Here, you can make your Yogyakarta tour package more thrilling too!

When and How to Enjoy the Saparan Bekakak Ceremony

If you are traveling to Yogyakarta to witness the Saparan Bekakak Ceremony, it is a good idea to note the schedule of this ceremony which can be anytime over the year. This annual ceremony is held in every Javanese month of Sapar. If you book Yogyakarta tour package for this ceremony, make sure to know when Sapar Month is.

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