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Book a Borobudur Tour Package during Vesak Day Ceremony? Check These Important Tips First!

Book a Borobudur Tour Package 2019 during Vesak Day Ceremony? Check These Important Tips First!

It’s no secret that Borobudur tour package is one of the most popular tour packages for tourists who visit Yogyakarta. Offering the greatness of the biggest temple of Indonesia, Borobudur is for sure a must-visit destination for everyone who travels to Yogyakarta. When it is so much fun to visit Borobudur on regular days, visiting this temple during Vesak Day is far more thrilling!

Tips to Visit Borobudur Temple during the Vesak Day

The celebration of Vesak Day in Borobudur Temple is held every year. While it becomes a sacred religion ritual, the uniqueness of the ceremony has made many tourists get interested to join the crowds! That’s why Borobudur tour package is highly sought by many people during the Vesak Day. If you are interested too, here are some of the tips to take into account.

Book Your Tour Package Early

Remember that Vesak Day ceremony in Borobudur Temple is highly popular and becomes a magnet for tourists to visit the temple. The ceremony is only celebrated once in a year and there are a lot of people who want to join this sacred ceremony. That’s why it is recommended to book your Borobudur tour package early to make sure that you get the best deal.

Know the Schedule

It’s true that the Vesak Day Celebration is held every year, but it is not fixed on particular day. It is on May, for sure, but the Vesak Day celebration will be held during the full moon. You may need to check on calendar to see when Vesak Day will be celebrated in Indonesia before booking a Borobudur tour package. 

Don’t Miss the Sacred Ritual before the Main Ceremony

Before the main ceremony, there is a sacred ritual which is held a day before the Vesak Day. For example, there will be a ritual to take holy water from a holy water spring in Temanggung which is then packed in numerous bottles. That’s why you may book a Borobudur tour package for a few days to experience all the events.

Wear Proper Clothes

To show your respect on attending this sacred ceremony, remember to always wearing proper clothes. This rule is compulsory for both the participants and tourists who take part in the ceremony. For a woman, it is prohibited to wear tight clothes, mini skirt and shorts. It will help you to get the most of your Borobudur tour package.

Don’t Enter the Temple Complex

For a good reason, you shouldn’t ever try to enter the temple complex during the Vesak Day ceremony in Borobudur Temple. It is because the temple complex will be sterilized from any activity during the ceremony. If you want to enter the temple complex, consider booking Borobudur tour package outside the celebration of Vesak Day. 

Final Thoughts

So, are you ready to explore Borobudur Temple on your next holiday? Whether you are planning to explore Borobudur during the Vesak Day or outside the Vesak Day, booking your tour package from www.jogjabromotour.com is a perfect idea. This reliable and reputable local tour company will guarantee you to get the most of your Borobudur tour package!

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