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5 Reasons to Book Dieng Tour Package during the Ceremony of Dreadlocks Shaving Ritual

5 Reasons to Book Dieng Tour Package 2019 during the Ceremony of Dreadlocks Shaving Ritual

Dieng tour package is the best tour package you can take to unravel the magical beauty of the stunning highland of Dieng Plateau in Central Java. When it provides you such exceptional experience to explore during the regular days, visiting Dieng Plateu during the event of dreadlocks shaving ritual will be able to create much more unforgettable experience. 

Top 5 Reasons to Watch the Dreadlocks Shaving Ritual in Dieng

It’s no doubt that you can still get such wonderful experience as you book Dieng tour package outside the schedule of dreadlocks shaving ritual. However, visiting Dieng during this special event promotes more things to see and experience. As a part of the annual event namely Dieng Culture Festival, here are the reasons why you must take a peek on this ritual in Dieng.

1. The Mysterious Story behind the Ritual
Dreadlock shaving ritual is actually the main agenda on Dieng Culture Festival which is held once in a year. There is actually a mysterious story behind this ritual. As you join Dieng tour package, you may see some kids in Dieng were born with dreadlock while the other have normal hair. Based on the history, they are the successor of Dieng ancestor.

2. The Jazz above the Clouds
In addition to the main agenda of Ruwatan Anak Gimbal or the dreadlocks shaving ritual, Jazz above the Clouds is one of the events that followed the custom ceremony which is held during the day. If you book a Dieng tour package outside the Dieng Culture Festival, you won’t be able to enjoy modern jazz performance with the beautiful Dieng panorama as the backdrop.

3. The Release of Traditional Lanterns
There is no doubt that you will love the moment when you and many other people release thousands of traditional lanterns to the sky. This is something that you won’t be able to watch during a regular Dieng tour package. The moment is highly romantic and will be able to get you immersed to it.

4. The Beauty of Dieng Panorama
The dreadlocks shaving ritual as part of Dieng Culture Festival will take all the audience to explore the mesmerizing beauty of the Dieng panorama. You won’t only get amazed with the unique dreadlock shaving ritual but also the extravagant sunrise overlooking the highlands and the other beauty that you can also explore in regular Dieng tour package.

5. The Additional Events
The custom ceremony of trimming Dieng kids who have dreadlock hair on Dieng Culture Festival is also followed by a few additional events that are worth checking for. In addition to the other events above, there are a range of art and cultural performance and a presentation of Dieng’s finest products which you cannot find on regular Dieng tour package.

That’s all the top 5 reasons why you should consider booking a tour package to Dieng Plateau during the dreadlocks shaving ritual. Since you need to book a tour package from reliable company, here we recommend you to book tour package from www.jogjabromotour.com since they are the one that offers the best Dieng tour package so far!

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