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Why You Must Deliberately Want to Visit Jogja and Bromo on Your Next Trip to Indonesia

Why You Must Deliberately Want to Visit Jogja and Bromo on Your Next Trip to Indonesia

It’s no secret that Indonesia is a home for so many wonderful destinations that we should at least check it out once in a life. If you are planning to visit Indonesia in your next holiday, considering a Jogja Bromo tour can be the best choice to take.

The Reasons to Visit Jogja and Bromo on Your Next Holiday
Well, if you still have anything on mind that makes you wonder why you should visit Jogja or Mount Bromo on your next trip to Indonesia, here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate anymore.

Why You Must Visit Yogyakarta
We cannot deny that Yogyakarta becomes another magnet for visitors around the world to visit Indonesia. There are many things that we can do there and the selection of tourism destinations that it offers is just unlimited. But, here are the top reasons why you must visit this city.

#1 sunrise on the Borobudur
Sunrise view from Borobudur Temple is just so magical. There is no doubt that you are going to be blown away by the astonishing view of sunrise at Borobudur. 

#2 cable cart at Timang Beach
This is another trend in Yogyakarta. Timang Beach offers such wonderful and scenic place that is worth checking for. More interestingly, there is that cable cart that you can ride to challenge your adrenaline!

#3 batik shopping
Yogyakarta is no doubt a city of Batik. You are able to find a huge collection of Batik once you come to this city. Just head to Malioboro Street and you will discover a lot of batik collections there.

Why You Must Visit Mount Bromo
Then, how about Mount Bromo? Just like Yogyakarta, this tourism destination is highly anticipated by tourists around the world. And here are some reasons why you must not miss this place!

#1 breathtaking sunrise view
Mount Bromo is also a favorite spot to witness such breathtaking sunrise view. Just browse around Bromo sunrise on your browser and you will see why it is surely a place that is worth checking for. Plus, the hike to the viewpoint will be a lot of fun as well!

#2 Yadnya Kasada traditional rituals
For more memorable trip, you can consider going for Bromo during the Kasada Month which is based on traditional Hindu lunar calendar. During this special occasion, you will have a chance to witness the traditional ritual named Yadnya Kasada.

#3 sunset picnics at Bromo Savannah

In addition to sunrise view, sunset view around Mount Bromo is worth a peek as well. You can do a sunset picnic around the Savannah around Bromo area. The Savannah is located on the southern side of Mount Bromo and it offers such wonderful view along with relaxing atmosphere.

Final Thoughts
It’s such a mouthwatering trip to try, isn’t it? One more thing before you decides to go for visiting Jogja and Bromo. Yep, you need to go with the right tour carrier. Here, we recommend you to take your Jogja Bromo tour with www.jogjabromotour.com since they are the one who will provide you the best experience!

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