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Sunset Hunters, Don’t Miss Ijo Temple Sunset View When You’re in Yogyakarta

Sunset Hunters, Don’t Miss Ijo Temple Sunset View When You’re in Yogyakarta

When Borobudur is extremely famous for its Borobudur sunrise tour, Ijo Temple is well-known for its best spot to watch sunset above the clouds. Located 410 meters above the sea level, this temple complex is perfect to enjoy more than just a temple complex.

A Peek of Ijo Temple Yogyakarta
Ijo Temple is known as one of the Hindu temples of Madang Kingdom. According to experts, the temple was built within the 10th century to 11th century. Located above the hill called Green Hill, the temple offers such unique side compared to the other temples in Yogyakarta.

It has 17 building structures which are separated into 11 terraces. Each of the structure has its own characteristics and the level of each terrace shows how sacred the structure is. In this case, the one that is on the highest terrace is known as the most sacred one.

The Highlights
Despite the history behind the temple which some of them remains mystery, there are some highlights that we can look forward from this temple. Here are the highlights.

#1 the highest hill
As mentioned before, Ijo Temple is located on highest hill which makes it different with other temples in Yogyakarta. In addition to the beautiful architecture of the temple, it offers such beautiful view that makes every visitor would love to come back for more. More interestingly, you can also feel that gentle breeze that is so much relaxing.

#2 the golden sunset
For sure, the golden sunset of Ijo Temple is absolutely spectacular! Many visitors visit the temple for this reason. Just imagine, you are looking around and you will see beautiful green valley stretching in front of your eyes. Then, don’t forget that beautiful sky with its golden sunset creating such breathtaking colors.

Tour Itinerary and How to Get There 
Ijo Temple is actually close to Prambanan Temple since it is located in the same sub-district. You can find this temple at Sambirejo, a village in Sleman Regency. To get there, many tourists prefer to take private car or join a tour because it is more convenient since we don’t need to feel bothered about anything else.

Most private car or private tour package will offer a complete package of car, fuel and English speaking driver. Some packages may not include entrance fee, guide, parking, travel insurance and meal. So, you better check about the inclusion and exclusion of the tour packages to make sure about the budget you need.

For the itinerary, you can consider visiting other destinations first before you watch the sunset of Ijo Temple. Here, we recommend you to go for Tebing Breksi and Prambanan Temple first before you head toward Ijo Temple for the golden sunset.

Final Thoughts
It sounds great, isn’t it? If you are interested to have a tour to Ijo Temple for its magnificent sunset, you can count on a tour package offered by www.jogjabromotour.com. Here, you can find a lot of exciting tour packages including Borobudur sunrise tour and Ijo Temple sunset tour.

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