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Spectator Dieng Culture Festival with the Right Dieng Tour Package

Spectator Dieng Culture Festival 2019 with the Right Dieng Tour Package

Booking the right Dieng tour package can enhance your chance to get the most o your trip to Dieng. Famous for its exotic panorama, Dieng is a popular tourist destination in Central Java, Indonesia that offers such amazing experience. However, choosing the right tour package to explore this attraction will guarantee much better experience for you.

A Peek to Dieng Plateu and Dieng Culture Festival

Among the other Dieng tour package that is available in the whole year, a package to enjoy Dieng Culture Festival which is held once in a year is highly anticipated by tourists around the world. This is because the festival presents different side of Dieng which you can see every day. To learn more about this notion, check this out!

Dieng Plateu as the Magically Beautiful Highland in Java

Dieng Plateu is known as a highland in Central Java that offers magically beautiful panorama. As you book Dieng tour package, you will see that there are many things that you can do around the highland. You can witness the magnificent golden sunrise at Sikunir Hill and enjoy the scenic scenery of Telaga Warna and Sikidang Crater.

Dieng Culture Festival as the Magnet of Tourism

Once in a year, there is a Dieng tour package that includes an art and cultural festival called as Dieng Culture Festival. This festival has been run for years and been successful to attract so many tourists both local and international. It is usually held during the end of July or the beginning of August in every year. The festival is centered in Dieng Kulon.

The Highlights of Dieng Culture Festival

Of course, it is not a festival without anything to expect for. Different to the common days, there will be more activities to do and more things to see and explore when you book a Dieng tour package during the Dieng Cultural Festival. To help you imagine what kind of things to anticipate, here are the highlights of the annual Dieng Culture Festival.

Ruwatan Anak Gimbal

Ruwatan Anak Gimbal is ceremony to shave off dreadlocks of Dieng kids who were born with this extraordinary hair. This ritual is highly fascinating because it is completely exceptional and cannot be found anywhere but Dieng. You won’t be able to see this exceptional ritual with a regular Dieng tour package. So, organize a package for Dieng Culture Festival to witness it.

Fascinating Sub-events

In addition to the main ritual, there are so many exciting sub events that will make your visit to Dieng far more fun. You can enjoy the popular lantern festival, traditional art performance, a cultural parade, firework fiesta and so on. You can also enjoy the culinary bazaar that you might not find on the regular Dieng tour package.

Those are some of the highlights that you can anticipate from Dieng Culture Festival. If you don’t know where to go for booking the tour package, you can take your time visiting www.jogjabromotour.com to explore various tour packages to Dieng, Yogyakarta and other destinations. Finally, hope you enjoy your best Dieng tour package with Jogjabromotour.com.

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