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Sekaten, Traditional Ceremony that You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Yogyakarta Tour Package

Sekaten, Traditional Ceremony that You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Yogyakarta 2019 Tour Package 

As you are searching for Yogyakarta tour package, you must find yourself wondering about what kind of things that you will do during the tour. For such new and unique tour itinerary, add some cultural activities will be a good idea. Instead of visiting various temples only, make a visit to the available traditional ceremony like Sekaten must be a perfect idea.

About Sekaten in the Nutshell

But, what is Sekaten in the first place? You must be familiar with Ramayana Ballet at Prambanan Temple in your Yogyakarta tour package, but you might feel puzzled as you heard about Sekaten. Actually, Sekaten is a special celebration in Yogyakarta to commemorate the birth of the prophet Muhammad. It is held every Mulud month in Javanese calendar.

What Makes Sekaten Ceremony Worth to Check

Then, what makes Sekaten Ceremony worth a peek? For sure, if you want to add some cultural activities to your Yogyakarta tour package, taking part in Sekaten Ceremony will be a good idea to choose. Moreover, there are some features of this ceremony that makes you recommended to join this ceremony. Here are the features that we are talking about.

#1 Amazing Midnight Parade

During the Sekaten Ceremony which lasts for one week, there is a special midnight parade that you shouldn’t miss on your Yogyakarta tour package. This is when you can see the Royal Servants of Yogyakarta Palace marching at Ponconiti Hall. The servants carry two sets of Gamelan (traditional music instruments from Indonesia) which are called Kyai Gunturmadu and Kyai Nogowilogo.

These two gamelans are considered as sacred items in Yogyakarta tradition. During the Sekaten Ceremony, the gamelans will be played simultaneously a whole week before they are returned to Keraton (Palace). If you come along with the right Yogyakarta tour package, you will be able to witness this amazing parade that is believed to bring health and luck.

#2 Special Foods to Enjoy

Once you join the Sekaten Ceremony in Yogyakarta, you will get a chance to enjoy the special foods served for this ceremony: Nasi Gurih and Endhok Abang. Furthermore, you will see Gunungan (rice mountains) as well. The Gunungan is made of sticky rice, vegetables, red pepper, eggs and peanuts. Enjoying this dish during your Yogyakarta tour package must create memorable and meaningful experience.

#3 Unique Folksongs Performance and Gerebeg Mulud

Moreover, there will be performances of traditional folk music and folksongs that are worth to check as well. These performances can be enjoyed on the first day of the Sekaten Ceremony. After enjoying the music performances, on your Yogyakarta tour package, you shouldn’t miss the highlight of this ceremony: the Gerebeg Mulud which is characterized by Palace Guard’s parade.

The Best Way to Enjoy the Sekaten Ceremony

Then, how to make it possible for you to witness the Sekaten Ceremony in Yogyakarta? If you are interested to take part in this special ceremony during your visit to Yogyakarta, it is recommended to take custom tour in a reliable tour company like Jogjabromotour.com. Here, you can find far more fun Yogyakarta tour package as well!
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