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Planning to Book a Yogyakarta Tour Package? Don’t Miss Labuhan Ceremony on Your Visit

Planning to Book a Yogyakarta Tour Package 2019? Don’t Miss Labuhan Ceremony on Your Visit

Are you planning to book a Yogyakarta tour package? If you are not in hurry, consider visiting this city during the schedule of Labuhan Ceremony so that you can enrich your experience as you explore Yogyakarta. Well, you can visit this city on any day you like. But, witnessing Labuhan Ceremony must create an exceptional experience for you!

About Labuhan Ceremony by Yogyakarta Sultan Palace

The Labuhan Ceremony has become an annual traditional custom ceremony in Yogyakarta which is attended by thousands of people from all over Indonesia. It is held annually on the end of Javanese month of Rajab. If you happen to arrange your Yogyakarta tour package during the month of Rajab in Java, there is no doubt that you can witness this unique ceremony.

The Labuhan Ceremony in Parangkusumo Beach

Labuhan Ceremony is actually an offering ritual meant to maintain a long sacred relationship between the Sultan of Yogyakarta with Kanjeng Ratu Kidul, the Goddess of the South Sea. In addition to the ceremony held in Parangkusumo Beach, the ceremony is also conducted in other sacred places around Yogyakarta including Mount Merapi and Mount Lawu.

If you include Parangkusumo Beach to your Yogyakarta tour package in the usual day, you may not find a crowd witnessing the custom ceremony. However, if you visit on the day of Labuhan Ceremony, you will see a lot of people there send offerings to the sea. The offering itself consists of various items including clothes, breast cloth, perfume, body lotion and many more.

What to See during the Labuhan Ceremony in Parangkusumo Beach

Aiming to bring good health and better life for Yogyakarta people, Labuhan Ceremony is for sure a meaningful event for people all around Yogyakarta. However, for those who take Yogyakarta tour package during the day, they must find it to be an awesome culture event that takes them closer to the custom and tradition of Yogyakarta.

Unique Parade: This awesome cultural event will give you a chance to see the local people wearing nice local dress to bring various ceremony tools and offerings. Those who carry the offerings are called as abdi dalem or Sultan servants that are charged to bring the offering to the supernatural figure at the sea namely Ratu Kidul.

Praying Ceremony: This is another thing that you won’t find on your regular Yogyakarta tour package: a praying ceremony on Parangkusumo beach. The praying ceremony is fascinating because the people will spell some sacred mantras that make the atmosphere is a bit solemn and mystical. After the praying ceremony, the offerings are carried deep to the sea.

Final Thoughts

That’s all a little about Labuhan Ceremony in Parangkusumo Beach. To make sure that you come to the right time to witness this unique traditional custom ceremony, call a reliable local tour carrier like Jogjabromotour.com to help you. Simply visit this local tour carrier on www.jogjabromotour.com and you will be able to find a lot of tour packages including custom and private Yogyakarta tour package!

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