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Kebo-Keboan, a Traditional Ceremony that You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Banyuwangi Tour Package

Kebo-Keboan, a Traditional Ceremony that You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Banyuwangi Tour Package 2019

Now that you are arranging Banyuwangi tour package for your next visit to Indonesia, you may wonder what kind of things you can do during your visit. When it comes to Banyuwangi, there is no doubt that the magnificent beaches and the great Ijen Crater must be on your bucket list. But, if you want to see something different, organize your tour to watch Kebo-Keboan!

About Kebo-Keboan in the Nutshell

It is safe to say that Kebo-Keboan is a special ceremony which is held by people of Banyuwangi. This ceremony is meant to call upon the rain during such long dry season. It is also considered as repellent reinforcements. To add this to your Banyuwangi tour package itinerary, you need to wait for the right time since it is only held once in a year.

On behalf of this ceremony, there will be some people who are elected to become a buffalo man. They will dress to resemble a buffalo that has black body and horns. According to the local belief, buffalo symbolizes powerful beast that becomes the foundation of Banyuwangi community which is mostly farmers. The uniqueness of this ceremony can be enjoyed on your special Banyuwangi tour package.

Other Interesting Attractions around Banyuwangi

After watching the unique “Kebo-Keboan” ceremony which is usually held in every Osing Village such as Aliyan and Alasmalang village, it must be perfect to take your time visiting some other popular attractions. It’s no secret that Banyuwangi tour package is well known for its beautiful beaches and beautiful natural panorama. To help you, here are some of the attractions that you shouldn’t miss.

Plengkung Beach:

Also called as G-Land beach, Plengkung Beach is a paradise for every surfer. It is popular for its challenging waves that make ideal place for surfers to challenge themselves. More importantly, it is not only the waves that become the magnet for any tourist to consider this destination on their Banyuwangi tour package. But, it also has such wonderful scenery.

Baluran National Park:

If you are someone who loves to visit an open area with various flora and fauna to be found, Baluran National Park will be an appealing destination to visit. Located around 35 km on the north of Banyuwangi downtown, this place is surely a perfect addition to your special Banyuwangi tour package to watch Kebo-Keboan ceremony.

The Green Bay:

If you are seeking for a place to get relaxed and forget various things in mind, The Green Bay can be such a nice option. It has breathtakingly beautiful scenery that will be hard to forget. There are various activities that you can do such as snorkeling and swimming. Your Banyuwangi tour package will be far more fun with this!

Where to Book the Best Tour Package in Banyuwangi

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