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Kaliadem Lava Tour: The Fun Way to Explore the Beauty of Mount Merapi

Kaliadem Lava Tour: The Fun Way to Explore the Beauty of Mount Merapi

It’s no secret that the beauty of Mount Merapi has influenced the interest of many tourists to check the Mount Merapi tour for themselves. In addition to Borobudur sunrise tour, exploring the beauty of Mount Merapi by taking Kaliadem lava tour must be an excellent idea.

A Peek of the Kaliadem Lava Tour
It’s no secret that Mount Merapi has become a popular trekking destination for many visitors. Instead of exploring the trek of Mount Merapi only, Kaliadem Lava tour also offers such an educational attraction for the tourists.

In this case, those who join the tour will be able to learn about how great the eruption of Mount Merapi is before. More importantly, this tour will give you a chance to watch the summit of the mountain within 2km distance only. 

What to See during the Tour
In addition to the opportunity to see the lava of Merapi from a close, there are some other things that you can expect to see during the tour. Let’s check this out!

#1 Bunker
Located in Kaliadem, the bunker is one of the things that you can see along your tour. The bunker is not utilized anymore. During the last eruption of Merapi, two persons seem trying to get away from the eruption by hiding in the bunker since there are two persons who were found dead inside.

This bunker offers such a great view especially once you walk up a little from the bunker. Here, you can also watch Merapi pretty close since the summit of the mountain is less than 10 kilometers only from the bunker.

#2 Villages affected by the eruption
Moreover, it is highly possible for you to see sevral villages that were influenced by the eruption of Merapi. A few of the villages are now functioned as fields by the locals. As you pass through the villages, you can also see some abandoned buildings which are still in the fields.

#3 Alien stone
Well, you don’t need to think about the real alien here. Alien Stone or locally named as Batu Alien is one large stone which was hurled out by the volcano at the time of its eruption. What makes this spot interesting is actually the surrounding which is absolutely breathtaking. 

How to Arrange Kaliadem Lava Tour
Then, how can we arrange a tour to Kaliadem? Instead of going for Kaliadem only, it is a good idea for you to add some other destinations to your itinerary. For instance, you can add Borobudur and Chicken Church into the itinerary. Moreover, it is also possible to add another destination to the tour. 

In case you want to get the most of your tour, but you actually don’t have any clear idea about what to do and the other important things to be considered, let a professional tour provider to arrange it for you will be a good idea.

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