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Eyewitness the Javanese Traditional Art and Culture with the Best Borobudur Tour Package

Eyewitness the Javanese Traditional Art and Culture with the Best Borobudur Tour Package 2019

Are you sure that you have booked the right Borobudur tour package for your next holiday in Yogyakarta? When we are going to visit Yogyakarta, there is no doubt that Borobudur will be one of the must-visit destinations that we shouldn’t miss. Offering such great architectural landmark, Borobudur Temple is for sure something you must add to your tour itinerary.

The Best Way to Witness Javanese Traditional Art and Culture

If you want to make your visit to Borobudur provides you a way to witness more about Javanese traditional art and culture, it is a good idea to book a Borobudur tour package during the Borobudur International Festival. During this festival, you will get a chance to see the Indonesian culture especially Javanese culture deeper.

Captivating Cultural Performances from Various Regions

What make this festival interesting to be added to your Borobudur tour package are of course the art performances from various regions in Indonesia. You can enjoy that popular Reog Ponorogo dance and other traditional performances that are performed amazingly. More interestingly, there can be many foreigners who attend the festival that take part on performing their traditional performance on the stage.

Mouthwatering Food Festivals and Cultural Fairs

The food festivals always become such attention seeker. When you book a Borobudur tour package during the festival, you will be able to enjoy various local foods that are worth to taste. You can taste Mangut Beong, Wedang Ronde and many other traditional foods. Then, the cultural fairs also attract all tourists since you can find a lot of souvenirs to bring back to home.

Fun Javanese Traditional Play

Moreover, we shouldn’t forget the cultural booth that shows Javanese traditional play. If you take a Borobudur tour package outside the festival schedule, you may not be able to try Javanese traditional play like bakiak, egrang, gangsing and others. These plays are so much fun to try especially egrang since you need to have a good balance and a little courage to try it.

The Best Time for Enjoying Javanese Traditional Art and Culture

There is no doubt that you can visit Borobudur anytime you like. This is because you can still get the best view of the Borobudur Temple a whole year. However, if you are seeking for the opportunity to witness the Borobudur International Festival, you should wait of the right time to book Borobudur tour package and go for it.

Previously, the Borobudur International Festival is held once in four year, but it is said that the festival will be held once in a year now. This special art and cultural event usually takes place on the end of July. You can consider arranging your Borobudur tour package during that month to enjoy the festival.

Final Thoughts

Now, are you ready to be the part of the wonderful Borobudur International Festival? If you cannot wait for the next festival to begin, you can still enjoy other interesting attractions in Yogyakarta. Consider choosing jogjabromotour.com for a reliable tour company that offers you the best and most fun Borobudur tour package for your next holiday.

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