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Enjoy Yogyakarta’s Cultural Events with the Right Yogyakarta Tour Package

Enjoy Yogyakarta’s Cultural Events with the Right Yogyakarta Tour Package 2019

Selecting the right Yogyakarta tour package is a must when you want to get the most of your time in Yogyakarta. Also called as Jogja or Jogjakarta, Yogyakarta is for sure a city of many interests. There are a lot of things you can accomplish here. One of the best ways to enjoy this city is by taking part in the Yogyakarta’s cultural events.

Top Must-See Cultural Events in Yogyakarta

Now the question is what kind of cultural events that we can expect in Yogyakarta tour package? The good news is that the events vary in case of theme and place. It makes a good choice for you who have various interests when you are traveling to a new city. Then, here are some of the top must-see events and festivals in Yogyakarta.

#1 Wayang Jogja Night Carnival

On your Yogyakarta tour package, organizing to witness the Wayng Jogja Night Carnival must create such excellent experience for you. This annual local event shows an awesome carnival with custom ‘wayang’ puppet as the main showcase. You will have a chance to meet thousands of visitors around the world, culture communities and local art enthusiast from all over Yogyakarta. 

#2 Jogja International Batik

For you who are taking a big interest to batik, you must include Jogja International Batik event on your Yogyakarta tour package. Held once in two years, this event is known as the largest Batik event in this city. You will be able to meet various Batik craft, communities and enthusiasts who come from all over Indonesia. It will be a good chance to see more Javanese art and culture.

#3 Malioboro Coffee Night

If you are a coffee lover, booking a Yogyakarta tour package during Malioboro Coffee Night event must be a perfect idea. This annual event is held to celebrate international coffee day. With a range of coffee shop, coffee communities and coffee enthusiasts, this event is highly anticipated by coffee lovers from all over the world. This is the time to drink delicious coffee for free!

#4 Vredeburg Fair

Next, you shouldn’t miss Vredeburg Fair too. Attended by museum communities and enthusiasts as well as historian, this event is held once in a year. If you arrange this event on your Yogyakarta tour package, you can expect to visit classic Dutch architecture building which is decorated with nice park and nice atmosphere to make your day.

#5 Leather Puppet’s Shadow Show

If you are expecting classic Javanese art performance, you should join Leather Puppet’s Shadow Show for sure. This event is known as the most favorite and authentic entertainment show in Yogyakarta with Javanese music orchestra as the back sound. It must be disappointing if you don’t include this event to your special Yogyakarta tour package.

Recommended Tour Package for Yogyakarta’s Cultural Events

So, are you ready for enjoying the events above? For your best experience on visiting Yogyakarta, here we recommend you the best and most reliable tour company that can help you to organize such amazing holiday in Yogyakarta. Can be found on www.Jogjabromotour.com, this tour company offers both private and custom Yogyakarta tour package that you always need.

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