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Enjoy Cool Ijen Tour Package with Unique Banyuwangi Traditional Ceremony

Enjoy Cool Ijen Tour Package 2019 with Unique Banyuwangi Traditional Ceremony

Ijen tour package is no doubt a popular tour package which everyone wants to take part in. Offering such magical blue fire view, this tour package can be far more interesting with exceptional Banyuwangi traditional ceremony as another thing to enjoy. As a traditional region, there are some villages in Banyuwangi that has unique ritual which is worth checking for.

Unique Banyuwangi Traditional Ceremony 

When it comes to Banyuwangi, it’s no secret that you can combine your Ijen tour package with other fun things to do around this region. If you are interested to learn deeper about the culture and ritual of Banyuwangi people, coming to this region during the ritual schedule will be a good idea. And here are some unique Banyuwangi traditional ceremonies to check for.

Seblang Ceremony

If you come to Banyuwangi during the first week of Syawal, an Islamic month based on lunar calendar, it is possible for you to witness such unique traditional ceremony as addition to your Ijen tour package. This traditional ceremony can be discovered in Olihsari Village and it aims to be reinforcement from bad state which may happen within the society.

This ritual can also be found in Bakungan village too. However, Bakungan society holds this ceremony a week after Eid Al Adha. You can arrange your Ijen tour package during that week if you want to watch the ceremony. For your information, this kind of ritual is actually similar to Sintren Ritual from Cirebon and Sanghyang from Bali.


Have you ever heard about rainmaking ritual like the rain dances in North America? Well, Kebo-Keboan is much like that kind of ritual. This Banyuwangi traditional ceremony aims to invoke rain during the dry season. If you organize your Ijen tour package during this annual tourism event, you can consider stopping by Osing Village to watch this rainmaking ceremony.

Kebo-Keboan itself means a buffalo man or a man that dress like a buffalo. According to the local’s belief, the buffalo here symbolizes power which becomes the groundwork of the community. It will be a nice experience to watch this unique rainmaking ceremony in addition to your Ijen tour package. So, make time to check it once you are in Banyuwangi.

The Best Way to Watch Banyuwangi Traditional Ceremony

Then, how can you make it possible to watch these exceptional Banyuwangi traditional ceremonies as addition to your tour to Ijen Crater? Yeah, you need to find the best tour company that can help you to arrange the best tour itinerary for you. If you don’t have anything in mind, there is Jogjabromotour.com that you can count on for providing the best Ijen tour package.

This local tour company has been a reliable and popular tour partner that offers both custom and private tour package. You can reach them easily to discuss about your goal to check for Banyuwangi traditional ceremony in addition to your Ijen Crater tour. More interestingly, Jogjabromotour.com not only offers Ijen tour package but also other exciting packages like Bromo and Yogyakarta tour.

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