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Do & Don’t When You Are Visiting the Spectacular Ijen Crater

Do & Don’t When You Are Visiting the Spectacular Ijen Crater

Many people are so excited to join the Blue Fire Ijen tour. As one of the must-visited destinations in East Java, Ijen Crater is surely a highlight that you shouldn’t miss along your trip in the island of Java. But, there are somehow things that you better remember when you are visiting this place.

Do and Don’t When Visiting Ijen Crater
Well, there are some do and don’t points that you need to remember once you decide to visit this awesome crater. So, here we go!

Let’s get started with the things that you should do. Pay attention to each point so that you can get the most of your trip on Ijen Crater.

#1 consider going through Bondowoso
Most Mount Ijen travelers will go to the mountain via Banyuwangi since the city offers such complete accommodation options compared to the other cities around Ijen Mountain. However, if you depart from Surabaya to go to Ijen, it is a good idea to go via Bondowoso.

The reason is because you will have a chance to witness absolutely beautiful scenery along your way to Ijen Crater. Moreover, you can even consider stopping by beautiful Blawan Waterfall, Wurung Crater and a local hot spring!

#2 leave early in the midnight
It is highly recommended for every Ijen traveler to depart from their hotel early in the morning especially when they go for the trip in the weekend. Why? Well, you must know the reason. Ijen Crater is so popular and it becomes everyone’s favorite destination.

That’s why it is a good idea to leave early around the midnight so that you can get the most of your trip there. You will have a chance to get the best photo of the blue fire as well.

On the other hand, there are some points that you shouldn’t do when you go for Blue Fire Ijen tour. Here are some of them.

#1 don’t instantly say yes for everything
Remember that it is always better for you to ask to the official officers first before anything else. Once you are offered a guiding service by locals, you shouldn’t say yes instantly. Some local guides provide excellent guide, but some are not as professional as others. That’s why you should be more careful.

#2 don’t wear the unsuitable gears
You have to remember that you need the right gears for hiking the Ijen Crater. Don’t go for style only. You need to take your safety into account as well. Don’t you ever wear ballet shoes, slippers or flat shoes since it may not as safe as hiking shoes or mountain slippers. Then, you must remember to wear the right clothes as well.

Final Thoughts
After reading all of the information above, now you come closer to be ready for Blue Fire Ijen tour. Now, it is one more thing before you go: a good tour! For the best recommendation, there is www.jogjabromotour.com that offers the best tour package to explore Ijen Crater. So, book your tour now and have fun!

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