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Do & Don’t When Visiting Mount Bromo for Your Unforgettable Experience

Do & Don’t When Visiting Mount Bromo for Your Unforgettable Experience

It’s no doubt that the beauty of Mount Bromo is irresistible. There are actually so many reasons to visit this mountain during your trip to Indonesia. Many prefer to take tour sunrise Penanjakan Bromo for its overwhelming sunrise view while some others enjoy the other highlights around the mountain. But whatever it is, Mount Bromo is just something that you shouldn’t let pass.

Do and Don’t When Visiting Mount Bromo
Now, before you decide to go for a Mount Bromo tour, there are actually some points that you should know for the most of your unforgettable experience. The following is the do and don’t when visiting this wonderful mountain.

Let’s start from the things that you need to do for the best experience. Here are a few that you should do when visiting Mount Bromo.

#1 go in weekdays
As you can expect from a popular tourist destination, it is always packed with visitors. Well, to avoid such crowds, it is recommended for you to go for the trip on weekdays instead of weekends. It might be quiet hard to arrange, but you will have more chance to enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo when there are no lots of people there.

#2 bring your own snacks
There are actually some food stalls available around the location but the distance is quite far from the area and your choices are limited as well. So, you can consider bringing some snacks or breads by your own so that you can have it when you are hungry.

#3 wear warm jacket
Remember that you are going to have a trekking to the summit of the mountain which usually can reach 5-10 degree Celsius. That’s why you need to wear warm jacket to handle the cold. Bring along some extra socks, warm gloves and hat as well for convenient hiking.

On the other hand, there are some points that you better don’t do for the most of your trip on Mount Bromo. So, here we go.

#1 don’t break the rules
Believe it or not, locals around Mount Bromo still have those kind “mystical” rules that you may not mind about it. However, it is recommended for you to kindly obey the rules for a good reason. Just remember that you should never have bad intension when doing something here.

#2 don’t hike on the right stairs
After watching sunrise, you will usually be guided to visit the crater. In this case, you need to climb up the stairs to arrive at the crater. There will be two stairs: the left is for going up while the right is for going down. For you and others’ convenient, don’t you ever hike up the crater by using the right stairs.

Final Thoughts
Finally, you have known the best tips to get the most unforgettable experience to visit Mount Bromo. Now, it’s time for you to book for a tour. Whether you want to take tour sunrise Penanjakan Bromo or other Bromo tour, www.jogjabromotour.com is the only site that you can count on. That’s all!

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