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Borobudur Tour Package: Celebrate the Wonderful Vesak Day at Borobudur Temple

Borobudur Tour Package 2019 : Celebrate the Wonderful Vesak Day at Borobudur Temple

Are you searching for an extraordinary way to enjoy a Borobudur tour package? Then, consider visiting this temple on the Vesak Day. As one of the most ancient Buddha temples in Indonesia, Borobudur has always been a perfect place to celebrate the holy Vesak Day. During the Vasak Day event, you will be able to enjoy Borobudur in such different way.

About Vesak Day Ceremony at Borobudur Temple

The Vesak Day ceremony is usually held during the full moon in May. It means that you may consider booking Borobudur tour package during that day. It is usually held for three days with the first day of the ceremony taken place at Mendut Temple, an ancient temple in Indonesia which is close to Borobudur Temple. The ceremony begins with praying at the Mendut Temple.

During the first day, there will be a ritual to get holy water from pure spring water at Jumprit, Temanggung which is followed by a ritual to lighten up a Vesak torch. After that, the fire and holy water that has been taken will be saved at Mendut Temple to be brought and used in the main ceremony of Vasak Day at Borobudur Temple. 

If you include the entire ceremony to your Borobudur tour package, it is possible for you to witness the entire ritual from people praying at Mendut Temple and then marching toward Borobudur Temple while holding the fire and water that has been saved at Mendut Temple before. And finally, you can see the peak of the ceremony at Borobudur Temple. 

The Highlight of Vesak Day Ceremony at Borobudur Temple

Then, what are the highlights that we should note from this Vesak Day ceremony at Borobudur Temple? In addition to the holy celebration of the birth of Buddha, there are some other events that make a journey to Borobudur Temple on your Borobudur tour package more memorable. Here are some of the highlights that you shouldn’t miss.

The “Pradaksina” Ritual 

The Pradaksina ritual is a form of tribute to Borobudur Temple. In this ritual, you will be able to see thousands of Buddhist monks come together to repeat mantras as well as meditate while they are circuiting the temple. Then, there is also “Pindapta” ritual where the monks received charity from Indonesia people who take Borobudur tour package.

Thousand Lanterns at the Night Sky: 

What makes Vesak Day ceremony is far more interesting for spectators to watch is because of the spectacular candle-lit walk from Mendut Temple to Borobudur Temple. This is when you can witness thousand of lanterns are set free to the night sky. Well, you can imagine how beautiful it will be to see that during your Borobudur tour package.

Final Thoughts

So, how can you organize a tour to witness the spectacular Vesak Day ceremony at Borobudur Temple? If you are interested to join the event, you can buy your tour package from www.jogjabromotour.com. Here, you can find the best Borobudur tour package as well as other interested travel packages in Yogyakarta, Bromo and Ijen Crater. 

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