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Book a Banyuwangi Tour Package? Check These Top 5 Traditional Ceremony in Banyuwangi

Book a Banyuwangi Tour Package? Check These 2019 Top 5 Traditional Ceremony in Banyuwangi

Are you ready to have some fun with a Banyuwangi tour package? Well, it’s no doubt that Banyuwangi presents a huge variety of tourism destinations that we can resist. From that wonderful Plengkung Beach to the magical Ijen Crater, all of these attractions are just a way to amazing to be explored. But, there is one more thing that you shouldn’t miss. What is it?

Top 5 Traditional Ceremony in Banyuwangi that Worth a Peek

Yep, we are talking about the traditional ceremony that is practiced by Banyuwangi people. As a city that is full of tradition and culture, Banyuwangi has a range of traditional ceremonies to explore. If you are wondering whether or not you can learn deeper about the local tradition and culture during your Banyuwangi tour package, the answer is absolutely yes!

#1 Gandrung Dance

Gandrung is a local language which means adorable or charming. According to the history, this dance is made as a form of gratefulness to Dewi Sri (Sri Goddess) which is believed as the goddess of rice paddy. The traditional ceremony where the Gandrung dance is performed is when locals finished to harvesting their rice paddy.

#2 Tumpeng Sewu

In your Banyuwangi tour package, you might have a chance to witness Tumpeng Sewu which is held a week before the Eid al Adha. Similar to Gandrung Dance, this custom is also held to show gratifying toward the God. Nowadays, this tradition has become one of the events in Banyuwangi Festival. When you come to Banyuwangi during the festival, you can join the ceremony too!

#3 Seblang

When it comes to Seblang, Banyuwangi has two kinds of Seblang: Seblang Olehsari and Seblang Bakungan. Seblang itself is a ceremony to clean the region away from bad luck by performing a sacred art performance which is called seblang. If you include this to your Banyuwangi tour package, you will be able to see the performers are dancing like they are being possessed. 

#4 Mepe Kasur

Mepe Kasur is a Javanese language which means drying mattress in the sun. You will be able to see this tradition in Kemiren Village, Banyuwangi. This tradition is unique because most of the people in this village have the same black and red mattress. We cannot deny that you can only watch this unique tradition as you book Banyuwangi tour package.

#5 Othek

This is another tradition in Kemiren Village. Othek is a kind of traditional music which is played by elders in the village. The tradition is usually held when the harvest season coming. The villagers usually play the othek along with angklung and kendang which are also traditional music instruments in Indonesia. Your Banyuwangi tour package must be more fun with this.

Final Thoughts

It is so much exciting just by imagining the activities, isn’t it? If you are fascinated to witness all of these traditions and customs by yourself on your next Banyuwangi tour, make sure that you book your tour package from www.jogjabromotour.com. Here, you will be able to get the best Banyuwangi tour package that guarantees so much fun!

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