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Best Bromo Tour Package: Spectate Yadnya Kasada Ceremony at the Stunning Mount Bromo

Best Bromo 2019 Tour Package: Spectate Yadnya Kasada Ceremony at the Stunning Mount Bromo

Watching the breathtaking sunrise view of Mount Bromo is for sure an amazing experience that makes a lot of people interested to join Bromo tour package. However, witnessing the Yadnya Kasada Ceremony with the stunning Mount Bromo as the backdrop must make your experience even more awesome. Instead of the usual Mount Bromo tour, it will be a lot memorable experience for you.

A Peek to Yadnya Kasada Ceremony at Mount Bromo

But, what is Yadnya Kasada ceremony actually? If you book a Bromo tour package to witness sunrise during New Year or last year event, you may not see how the ceremony is held by the locals. This is because Yadnya Kasada is an annual event which takes place on Kasada Month in the conventional Hindu lunar calendar. 

This old ritual ceremony is held to the honor of Sang Hyang Widhi or the God Almighty. The ceremony itself is based on the old legend of Joko Seger and Roro Anteng. If you are interested to witness this special event, consider arranging a Bromo tour package during the Kasada Month. You can talk to your local tour company about that.

What to Expect from Yadnya Kasada Ceremony at Mount Bromo

Then, what can you expect from this special ceremony at Mount Bromo which is only held once in a year? For sure, it can be a nice choice to visit Mount Bromo during this event because you will have more things to see in addition to the usual days. And here are some things to expect from your Bromo tour package during Kasada ceremony.

#1 Unique Experience of Witnessing Local Ceremony

Yadnya Kasada ceremony is surely a special tradition for the locals. However, it is not restricted or limited so that everyone can take part on this ceremony when they take Bromo tour package during the event. You can watch the local tribe of Mount Bromo pray together on the summit of Mount Bromo and throw offerings to the crater.

#2 Observe the Local Offerings

As mentioned above, the locals who join the ritual will throw their offerings into the Mount Bromo crater. During enjoying your Bromo tour package, you can observe what the locals bring for the ritual. In this case, the offerings may include fruits, vegetables, flowers and even money. Despite the dangers, you will see locals go down the crater to sacrifice their goods to the crater. 

#3 Easy-to-find Tour Packages

During the Yadnya Kasada ceremony, it’s is practically simple for you to find a tour company or agent that prepare special tour package for the event. For instance, you can check on Jogjabromotour.com for a special Bromo tour package during the ceremony. It will be easy to arrange and you can get the best accommodations as well.

Final Thoughts

Are you interested to experience this exceptional annual tradition by yourself? If you want to experience it yourself, don’t forget to arrange your tour package with www.jogjabromotour.com and get the most of your time at Mount Bromo. More interestingly, this tour company also offers some other Bromo tour package that guarantees a lot of fun!

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