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A Peek on Kemiren Traditional Village in Banyuwangi for Your Most Banyuwangi Tour Package

A Peek on Kemiren Traditional Village in Banyuwangi 2019 for Your Most Banyuwangi Tour Package

For you who are interested to take a peek on local culture as you join Banyuwangi tour package, you should consider visiting Kemiren Village in Banyuwangi. Well-known as traditional village, Kemiren is the home of various traditional ceremonies and customs. As you go deeper to the village, you will know how much unique the local culture nuance it has. 

A Peek on Kemiren Traditional Village in Banyuwangi

Kemiren is known as the village which is inhabited by Using Tribe in Banyuwangi. It is said that entering the village will bring such different atmosphere because you will be welcomed with special traditional home which has wooden door with a bird head as the accessory. If you take Banyuwangi tour package to Kemiren, here is one traditional ceremony that you may see.

Barong Ider Bumi Parade

This is one of the most famous ceremonies in Kemiren traditional village that becomes a magnet for both local and international tourists. This traditional ceremony is carried by Using Tribe ancestors as a media to keep bad luck away. If you arrange your Banyuwangi tour package during Eid al Fitr holiday in Indonesia, you will have a chance to watch this unique parade by yourself.

During the Barong Ider Bumi Parade, there are so many performances that you can see with your own eyes. For instance, you will be able to witness Barong Osing, Jejer Gandrung Dance. The dance is basically fantastic. More interestingly, once you join a Banyuwangi tour package to Kemiren Village, you can be part of the parade too instead of just watching.

Other Things to Expect 

In addition to the unique Barong Ider Bumi Parade, there are some other things that you can expect as you visit Kemiren Village. If you happen to book a Banyuwangi tour package especially to visit the Kemiren Village outside the schedule of the Barong Ider Bumi Parade, you can still visit the other attractions that are available in the village.

First, you can come to see Sanggar Genjah Arum, a kind of museum that is used to maintain traditional culture of Banyuwangi. You will be able to witness seven ancient homes of Banyuwangi during your visit. Then, you can also watch Lesung Music, a traditional music with a wooden instrument. No doubt will be an unforgettable Banyuwangi tour package for you.

How to Arrange a Tour to Kemiren Village in Banyuwangi

Then, how can you arrange a tour to Kemiren Traditional Village in Banyuwangi? Actually, it is not a difficult task to do as long as you can find a reliable local tour company. The good news is that you have met us to recommend you www.jogjabromotour.com! Offering some of the best Banyuwangi tour package, this company is for sure the best!

And one more thing before you book your package, you may need to discuss for a custom tour with Jogjabromotour.com in case you want to see Barong Ider Bumi Parade which is only held once in a year. By discussing with Jogjabromotour.com, you will be able to learn when the best time to visit and how to get the most of your Banyuwangi tour package.

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