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Trip to Magelang for Various Beautiful Things to See

Trip to Magelang for Various Beautiful Things to See

With the more well-known Yogyakarta and Semarang, it is not hard to fail to notice other cities which are practically close to these cities and offer such amazing adventure to explore too. One worth talking about is Magelang which is only 43 km away from Yogyakarta. With various beautiful things to see and much cooler air than Yogyakarta, trip to Magelang is surely on point.

Things to Do in Your Adventure to Magelang

Magelang is actually a perfect option if you want to experience the greener side of Central Java. Even though this city doesn’t have their own airport yet, it is very easy to travel to this city from Yogyakarta or Semarang. Once you arrive, here are some of the things that you shouldn’t miss on your adventure to Magelang.
  • Rafting in Progo and Elo River

For you who are seeking for adventure, rafing in Progo and Elo River must be a perfect idea. The location is actually not far from the popular Borobudur Temple. In Elo River, you can do rafting downstream for about 12 km. This rafting activity is suitable for intermediate and beginner, so it is highly safe for you.
  • Witnessing the beauty of Merapi from Ketep Pass

Ketep Pass is popular as one of the best viewpoints to see the wonderful side of Mount Merapi. Situated about 32 km away from downtown, this location is between Mount Merbabu and Merapi which is exactly located on the summit of Sawangan Hill. You can consider coming here for sunrise since it will be a nice spot to see it.
  • Appreciating local art at OHD Art Museum

Your trip to Magelang will be more exciting by stopping by OHD Museum. If you love to explore local art, you may love this place. This private museum offers contemporary and modern Indonesian art. You can find more than two thousand artworks here ranging from installations, paintings, new media art and sculptures.
  • Exploring Gemawang Batik Village

Solo might be the center of batik in Central Java. However, you can also find an authentic batik village in Magelang. If you come to Gemawang, you will find batik with such unique style that only use minimalist selection of color. It also has subtle patterns that make it looks elegant. Come here and you will see how to create the batik.
  • Visiting Umbul Temple

In addition to Borobudur Temple, Magelang also has Umbu Temple which is located in Grabag, Magelang. This location consists of plentiful stones surrounding two bathing pools that receive their water from nearby natural spring. You can enjoy your time here and get relaxed in the clear bathing pools.

Final Thoughts

Now, you have known some of the best things to do in Magelang. Can’t wait to experience all of the things by your own? Then, don’t forget to add Magelang to your destination list and enjoy the entire fun things in Magelang. Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture every beautiful moment in this beautiful city. The last but not least, happy holiday!
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