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Ride Extreme Jeep Experience up to Mount Bromo

Ride Extreme Jeep Experience up to Mount Bromo

Offering picturesque panorama and various fun things to do, Mount Bromo becomes one of the most favorable tourist destinations. This active volcano in East Java, Indonesia is center of interest both for local and foreign visitors. Many people come here for witnessing its wonderful scenery while others may want to keep up their adrenaline to ride jeep up to Mount Bromo.

Why It Becomes One of the Best Things to Do in Bromo

Among many other things that you can do in Bromo, riding jeep up to the summit of Mount Bromo is a must. You may be going to see nothing but fog as you leave from your guesthouse early in the morning. However, you will fully in awe once you are driving toward the top.

On your way toward the top of Mount Bromo, you will experience such amazing adventure that may keep you fluttering. The track and the atmosphere will be able to get you pump up by the thrill. However, you will still find that feeling of excitement during your adventure.

Other Awesome Things to Do in Bromo

After a thrilling journey toward Mount Bromo, there are many other awesome things that you can do. There is no doubt that you will view such amazing panorama there. But, to make your adventure far more exciting, here are our tips for you.
  • Enjoy hot coffee

On your way toward the viewpoint on Mount Bromo, you will find several stop points where you are able to purchase a cup of hot noodles or hot coffee. You can consider stopping by and have a coffee first since the journey might be tiring.
  • Witness the sunrise 

Ride jeep up to Mount Bromo can be your main reason to come here, but you shouldn’t miss to witness the breathtaking sunrise view on Mount Bromo. Located above 2,000 meters above the sea level, you will get such amazing experience when witnessing the sunrise on Mount Bromo. Just look at the sky and you will feel the blessing.
  • Horse ride on the sea of sand

After witnessing the breathtaking sunrise, horse ride will be a good idea. Horse riding in the Bromo dessert is surely a great adventure. You will be guided to ride the horse around the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Parl. Since it is very dusty, make sure to put your mask on before riding the horse.
  • Witness the dramatic Bromo Crater

After your horse riding, you will be taken around the Bromo Crater. Here, you can see such striking sight of dramatic white smoke formation above the dazzling blue sky. You can find some small stores around the crater and buy some special souvenirs there.

Final Words

You must be tempting to experience by your own eyes, right? If you do, you can start to prepare for your own adventure by booking for a Bromo package tour. It will be such a good idea to ride jeep up to Mount Bromo and do all those fun things there. So, keep it on your list!

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