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Have Fun in Surakarta City Tour

Have Fun in Surakarta City Tour

Compared to the city next to, Surakarta may not as popular as Yogyakarta as tourism destination. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no destinations in Surakarta which are worth visiting. In fact, the city which is commonly known as Solo is so famous for its cultures, arts and cuisines. And there are some places that you shouldn’t miss too!

Introduction to Best Places to Visit in Surakarta

For you who are interested to have fun in Surakarta, there are actually several best places to visit. To give you the snippet description about what kind of things that you can look forward to, check out these unique sights in Surakarta, Central Java.

1. Surakarta Palace

You haven’t been to Surakarta if you haven’t visited Surakarta Palace. Locally known as Kraton Surakarta, this place is an exceptional building with historical story. It was designed by the assistance of Sultan Hamengkubuwono I, the one who also drew the design of Yogyakarta Palace. You can do sightseeing here, explore the museum or campture a picture with the palace guards.

2. Balekambang Park

If you are traveling to Surakarta by train, Balekembang Park will not be far from Balapan Train Station. This location is also close to Tirtonadi Bus Station and Manahan Football Stadium. This park is actually split into two: Partinah Forrest as the house of various rare plants and Partini Waterpark which is employed for boating games. 

3. Kampoeng Batik Kauman

If you want to feel the real essence of have fun in Surakarta, you shouldn’t miss this batik village. Kampoeng Batik Kauman is essentially a shopping destination situated in the city center of Surakarta. You can find this village near the Surakarta Palace. This village is actually famous among domestic as well as foreign tourists. 

4. Grojogan Sewu Waterfall

If you want to explore the nature, there is beautiful waterfall located 37 km away from the Surakarta’s downtown. This waterfall is famous for its challenging trip because you need to hike Mount Lawu for a bit until you can reach the waterfall. But, the view of waterfall is highly worth the trip, so you shouldn’t miss this one too!

5. Ngargoyoso

Another natural beauty of Indonesia is offered in Ngargoyoso which is located near the city of Surakarta too. This place is location in the mountainous area of Karanganyar that is known for its cool and relaxing climate. You can explore the area and visit various beautiful temples including Cetho Temple, Suku Temple and Ketek Temple.

Those are some of the best places that you shouldn’t miss during your tour in Surakarta. There are actually more other best locations that you can visit too such as the Sangiran Museum which is famous for its ancient human fossils display.

Final Thoughts

Now, it is time for you to agree that have fun in Surakarta is another great way to spend your holiday in Indonesia. This tour will be perfect for you who want to find an alternative for a trip in Yogyakarta. So, what are you waiting for? Be prepare to enjoy the tour!

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