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Get Relaxed in Secret Red Island Banyuwangi

Get Relaxed in Secret Red Island Banyuwangi

Are you searching for an alternative for Bali Island this holiday? Then, get relaxed in Red Island can be one of the best choices for you. This island is perfect for you who want to avoid the hustle bustle of the crowded tourism destination this holiday. This is because the island is kind of secret island that is not crowded spot to get relaxed.

Who Will Love to Visit this Island?

Located in Banyuwangi which shares the same island of Jakarta, Yogyakarta and other cities in Java, this island offers un-crowded spot to chill out and get relaxed. If you are traveling for getting relaxed from the hustle bustle of life, this destination will be the right one for you.

Moreover, it is also a great spot for you who love to surf. Different to Plengkung Beach which is more recommended for professional surfers, Red Island can be enjoyed by surfers of all levels. Whether you have just learned to surf or pro, you can enjoy the waves of this island.

It has intermediate waves that will be good for those want to learn to surf as well. More importantly, it is also less crowded than other popular surf spots around Java Island. So, while you are learning to improve your surfing skill, you can also get relax while enjoying the ocean breeze.

What You Can Do in This Island?

What makes this place interesting is that you have a lot of fun things to do. Instead of just laying down on the white sand by the beach, you will feel invited to try a lot of things here. Here are some of the examples.
  • Surfing!

Surfing and Surfing! You may want to just get relaxed in Red Island, but there is no doubt that you will be appealed by the waves that invite you to surf. As mentioned before, it is great spot to surf, so you shouldn’t miss this activity when you are around.
  • Visit Lost Paradise

There is a beautiful beach around the island which is called as ‘lost paradise’ because of its beauty. You can consider jumping on a boat that is available around the island to visit this lost paradise.
  • Climb a volcano

Do you need something more challenging? Then, you will love to do volcano trekking while you are here. You can get to see the island from the summit of the volcano and capture a beautiful moment there.

Well, those are some of the things that you can do in the island. If you love water sport activity, there are various water sport facilities as well in this island. It means that you can consider spending your time playing the water sports that you love.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Red Island is a recommended destination especially for you who are seeking for a secret spot to get away and relax. To get into this island, you can travel from Bali and take a ship to Banyuwangi to continue overland route to Red Island. So, let’s get relaxed in Red Island!
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