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Explore Jomblang Cave, the Magnificent Cave with Heavenly Light

Explore Jomblang Cave, the Magnificent Cave with Heavenly Light

Once you browse about the must-visit destination in Yogyakarta, there is no doubt that you will find Jomblang Cave on the list. You must have ever seen the magnificent photos that are captured in this location too. So, are you interested to capture that magnificent picture by yourself? Before you go, let’s learn more about this cave first. Stay tuned!

What Makes Jomblang Cave Special

Before you decide to explore Jomblang Cave, you may want to know more about things that you can anticipate from this popular tourism destination. To make you sure that is worth checking for, here are some of the reasons that make you must visit this special location in Yogyakarta.
  • The vertical cave

This is one of the things that make Jomblang Cave special. It has vertical cave that can be considered as “crazy and dangerous”. If you love to challenge your adrenaline, trying to rappel this deep vertical cliff will be a good idea. There is no doubt that this experience will remain on your memory.
  • Ancient forest

Inside the cave, you will be able to see two dissimilar vegetations between the bottom of the cave and also the land above it. It is surely interesting since you will feel like you are jumping to the jungle in thousand years ago. Can you imagine?
  • Heavenly light

Many tourists decide to explore Jomblang Cave for this reason. Yeah, they want to witness such mesmerizing light inside this cave. You will see beautiful light go through into the cave that creates such a heavenly light from the cave. The best time to see this great thing is about 11.30 am until 12.30 pm.
  • Exotic place

Jomblang Cave is just exotic that you will want to spend much of your time here. It is not only exotic. It is also peaceful and quite which makes a good place for you to relax. Inside the cave, it is also possible for you to hear the sound of birds chirp, flowing water and echo sound. It will be surely relaxing for you.
  • Outdoor activities

This cave is also special for its outdoor activities. If you are the one who love to do outdoor exercise, you may like this place. Here, you will be able to climb down the cave by using rappelling and then doing caving. You will need to have a lot of courage, concentration and also energy to reach the cave. However, all of your sweat will be surely paid once you see the magnificent view inside the cave.

How to Get to the Cave

Now, how can we get to the cave? Actually, it is possible for you to take public transportation like bus that takes you to Wonosari. After that you still need to take another public transportation to Kali Suci Bridge. Well, it will be a lot of things to do if you take public transportation. That’s why it is recommended to take a tour package to explore Jomblang Cave if you want the easier way. That’s all!

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