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Explore Dramatic Beauty of Mount Merbabu

Explore Dramatic Beauty of Mount Merbabu

For adrenaline seeker, a trekking to Mount Merbabu must be on your ‘to do list’. Known as the popular mountain for trekking, Mount Merbabu offers such amazing experience for any trekker who wants to hike on it. It is said to be the 5th highest mountain in Central Java and considered as a mysterious mountain that promises awesome adventure.

Mount Merbabu in Brief

The name Merbabu actually comes from the combined words of meru and awu. In English, meru means mountain while awu means ash. This mountain is called that way because it is also acknowledged as the mountain of ashes. We can say that this property is the one that makes Mount Merbabu has its own charm for any trekker.

Most tourists may say that hiking toward the summit of this mountain is very challenging because it is unveiled with weeds and the paces are made of clay ground. However, if you are seeking for a great adventure, there is no doubt that the trekking to this glorious mountain will be a lot of thrill.

What to Expect from Your Journey

Exploring Mount Merbabu will not only be about exploring your adrenaline. You can get more than this. It is possible for you to expect for beautiful scenery along your way to the summit. You may walk over high plains and ridges that have cool and strong wind. But, the summit is worth the journey. You will feel paid once you stand on the peak of the mountain.

If you are a type of sunrise lover, trekking to Mount Merbabu will promise you enchanting beauty of sunrise. It can be the best spot to enjoy sunrise from the top. On the summit, you can look around and see how beautiful it is to be on the top of the world. And, don’t forget the combination of color in the sky that is just appealing!

Our Tips to Explore Mount Merbabu

If you are a first-time trekker, it is recommended to explore the mountain with a guide. The location of this mountain is actually not really far from Yogyakarta and you can start your journey from there. But, make sure that there is someone experienced with you for more safety concern.

Then, you shouldn’t forget to prepare for warm jacket, trekking shoes, water and snacks. You may want to wear more comfortable clothes during the day, but you will need something that can warm your body when the atmosphere starts to cool down. If you join a tour package, you may get simple breakfast, but you can still bring your own favorite meal too.

Final Thoughts

Now, it seems like you cannot way to explore and witness all of these beauties by yourself. Well, you don’t need to hesitate anymore because Mount Merbabu will show you a lot of different views that will keep you awake. Don’t forget to capture every moment of your trekking to Mount Merbabu as souvenirs when you go back to home. Finally, hope you enjoy your adventure!

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