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Enjoy the Beauty of Secret Island Karimunjawa

Enjoy the Beauty of Secret Island Karimunjawa

When we are talking about secret, Karimunjawa is not that secret or hidden actually. This is only because the island is less crowded than the other popular tourism destinations in Indonesia like Bali or Lombok. Located in the north of Semarang, Karimunjawa Island is one of the regions in Jepara, Central Java. This island is famous for its pristine view that is highly unforgettable. 

Things to Do in Karimunjawa Island

What makes Karimunjawa as a place that you shouldn’t miss is because there are many fun things that you can do here. We will let you imagine how fun it is by checking out some of the things to do in Karimunjawa as follow.
  • Snorkeling around the island
Many tourists come to Karimunjawa because this reason. Karimunjawa is famous as the best spot for snorkeling. It will be such heaven for snorkelers because Karimunjawa lets you to experience the marine life without needing to deal with high amount of tourists. It means that you can get relaxed while snorkeling around the island. 
  • Bathing in the shallow beach
Barakuda Beach is part of the Karimunjawa and is known for its shallow beach. After snorkeling around the island, you can consider bathing yourself in the beach that has beautiful white sand and clear water. Since it is not usually packed with so many tourists, you have more chance to get relaxed enjoying your time on the beach.
  • Watching the sunset on top of mountain
Karimunjawa Island is also an inviting destination for sunset lover. As an alternative of watching sunset by the beach, you can hike a few minutes to a mountain in the island and watch sunset on top of the mountain. This place is popular as the best spots to watch sunset on the island. On top, you will be able to see the entire island while witnessing the sun set after the horizon. 

Those are the main things that you can do here. In between your trip, you can take time to walk along the pier of the island. Here, you will be able to see the sight of what locals do in order to survive on such hidden island like this. You can see fishing boats and other things here.

How to Get There
It is important for you to know that getting to this island is quite tricky. If you are traveling from Yogyakarta, you can rent a private car to Jepara or take a train to Semarang. If you prefer to travel by car, there is an overnight transfer service in Yogyakarta that can take you to Jepara directly. It will be very helpful especially if you are a first-time traveler in Indonesia.

Moreover, it is also significant to note that get to the island depends on the level of tide. You need to consult everything first before book anything. That’s why going with agency is much recommended for coming to the island without too much headaches. After all, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of Karimunjawa Island. 

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