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Cave Tubing to Enjoy the Beauty of Goa Pindul

Cave Tubing to Enjoy the Beauty of Goa Pindul

Gunung Kidul may have a lot of beautiful beaches that will be regretful to be missed. But, if you want to do something more different than enjoying the magnificent beaches here, there is one recommendation for you. You may love to try cave tubing Goa Pindul for a unique experience in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

Why Cave Tubing in Goa Pindul Is Special

Goa Pindul or Pindul Cave in English is an interesting cave in Gunung Kidul that offers natural panorama and exceptional traveling experience. One of the most enjoyable activities to do in the cave is cave tubing. Cave tubing is actually a combination of caving and body rafting by using rubber tube. 

With your friends in a set of tubes, you can lie on the tube and follow the flow of the Pindul River which is streaming inside the Pindul Cave. Technically, you will go through the cave by riding a rubber tube. There will be someone that guides you go through the cave, so it will be safe.

It is possible for you to come here individually or in group. This activity is also safe for person of any age. There will be experienced guide or instructors that will help you to enjoy the journey. One in a time, they will tell you a story about the cave. 

Generally, there is nothing to worry about the cave tubing Goa Pindul. There will be safety equipments prepared for you. The equipment includes rubber tube, safety helmet and safety jacket. Then your guide will bring a head lamp to light up the darkness inside the cave. 

Inside, you can take picture and have fun enjoying the journey to go through the cave. It will be such amazing experience to try once in a life, so make sure that you can get all of the best moments here.

How to Get to Goa Pindul

Goa Pindul is located in Karangmojo, Gunung Kidul. From downtown, it will be 50 km away to the south. If you are traveling by car, it will take around one and a half hour to reach the location. On your way to the cave, you will be blessed with such great scenery along the way.

You can rent car or book a Goa Pindul tour package to enjoy the cave tubing in this cave. For your information, it is recommended to come here in the clear day to get the most of the trip. More importantly, you can avoid the water get brown when there is rain before the day. So, coming here in dry season is highly recommended for clear water.

Final Thoughts

This trip is actually quite cheap, yet it is worth the value. If you are seeking for an exceptional experience during your stay in Yogyakarta, you shouldn’t miss cave tubing Goa Pindul. Since you are in Gunung Kidul, you can continue your trip to various beautiful beaches that are available in Gunung Kidul too. At last, don’t forget to add this to your ‘to do list’ in Yogyakarta. 

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