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Capture the Breathtakingly Beautiful Gedong Songo Temple

Capture the Breathtakingly Beautiful Gedong Songo Temple

If Yogyakarta has Prambanan Temple which is known as the UNESCO World Heritage, Semarang has Gedong Songo Temple which offers breathtakingly beautiful panorama on top of the hill. This temple complex is situated on the misty hills of Java Island. Compared to Borobudur and Prambanan Temple, this temple is barely known by people.

What to Look Forward from Gedong Songo

Even though it is hardly known by visitors because it is situated far from the downtown, Gedong Songo is just a beautiful place that you shouldn’t miss when you are traveling to Central Java, Indonesia. Located in Ungaran, this location is only about one hour away from the city center of Semarang. 

Actually, you can anticipate so many things when you come here. To give you some ideas, here are things that you can expect.
  • Riding horse to the temple

It is one of the things that you should try! Gedong Songo Temple might be located on top of a hill, but it doesn’t mean that you can come here by horse. In fact, you can reach the temple from the town by car or on horseback. Of course if you want to experience something new, you must opt for riding horse to this temple!
  • Private experience

Compared to other popular temples in Java like Prambanan and Borobudur, Gedong Songo Temple is unknown especially for foreign tourists. That’s why it becomes a good choice for you who are seeking for a private experience during your visit in Indonesia. You can get relaxed and enjoy the beautiful views freely.
  • Breathtaking view

Well, it is almost difficult to explain the beauty of Gedong Songo in words. It is just beautiful. You need to witness it by yourself to know that this temple surely offers such amazing view and panorama that will make you want to come here again and again. Around the temple complex, you can see the misty green forest that looks so inviting.

What you need to remember once you prepare for coming to this place is camera! There will be so many spots that you want to capture and save forever. After getting relaxed and walking around, you can take your camera and capture every single moment that you see here. It will be such amazing souvenirs for you to bring to home.

How to Get There

If you are traveling in Semarang, you can easily go to this place by driving down to south from the downtown. It may take 30 minutes to one hour from the downtown to reach the location. It is possible for you to drive up all the way from Semarang to the gate and then park your car there. After that, you can go up the hill. 

The track toward the Gedong Songo Temple is not that difficult as long as you are in fit condition. You can stop for several times until reach the temple too. It won’t be such disappointing experience, will it? So, prepare yourself to come here and have fun!

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