Banyuwangi Highlights: Alternative Destinations for Ijen Crater that You Shouldn’t Miss

Banyuwangi Highlights: Alternative Destinations for Ijen Crater that You Shouldn’t Miss

Whether you are looking for an upcoming destination to visit after Ijen Crater tour or an alternative destination to explore instead the crater, it’s nothing impossible. In fact, Banyuwangi has numerous other destinations that are worth your time!

Top Alternative Destinations for Ijen Crater that You Shouldn’t Miss
It’s no secret that Ijen Crater is the heart of Banyuwangi tourism objects. However, there are actually other top tourist attractions which you can visit throughout the day. Since Ijen Crater is great to be seen in the evening, these alternative destinations will be perfect as substitute for your day time.

#1 Sukamade Beach
If you are a beach hunter, there is no doubt that you will love to check this beautiful beach in Banyuwangi. 

Location: The beach is located about 96 km from Banyuwangi downtown area. It is situated in Meru Betiri National Park.
The highlights: Many tourists come to visit this beach to witness the process of turtles that come to lay their eggs on the beach.

#2 Tabuhan Island
Surrounded by lovely white sandy beaches and coral reefs offshore, this island offers such amazing and relaxing experience for everyone.

Location: The island is not far away from the Banyuwangi downtown since it is about 20 km only. It’s possible to reach the island by taking on public boat.
The highlights: Thanks to the beautiful underwater spots that it offers, you can do snorkeling and diving while you are here. You can expect for seeing many fish species including crayfish and sponges.

#3 Kongco Tan Hu Cin Jin Temple
Compared to the other highlights of Banyuwangi tourism attractions, this temple may not as popular as the other. But, it’s still a good place that is worth a peek.

Location: The location of this landmark is not far away from the heart of Banyuwangi. 
The highlights: It offers such a unique architecture of a temple that is dedicated to Chen Fu Zen. 

#4 Kaliklatak Plantation
For you who would love to check out where rubber, chocolate and coffee are produced in Banyuwangi, visiting Kaliklatak Plantation will be a perfect idea.

Location: The plantation is situated at an altitude of 450m above the sea level. It’s not far away from Ketapang Port, Banyuwangi.
The highlights: This place can be a nice spot to learn how locals produce coffee, chocolate, rubber, spices and fruits. You can look forward to see cultural ritual as well when you come here on the right time.

#5 Lider Waterfall
Located 1,300 m above the sea level, this waterfall is quiet high since it reaches almost 60 meters. It offers such breathtaking view that is so disappointing to miss.

Location: It is situated in Sragi hamlet, Sumber Arum, Songgon, Banyuwangi.
The highlights: Enjoy the highest waterfall in Banyuwangi that offers such best view.

Final Thoughts
Now, you have known some of the best alternative for Ijen Crater tour in Banyuwangi. Now, if you want to get the best experience along your journey in Banyuwangi, come to visit to get the best deal for your tour package. Have fun!

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