Ancient Temples Yogyakarta: the Home of Yogyakarta’s Scary Myths that You Shouldn’t Miss

Ancient Temples Yogyakarta: the Home of Yogyakarta’s Scary Myths that You Shouldn’t Miss

It’s no doubt that Javanese mythology becomes a significant element of Yogyakarta culture. More interestingly, the myths have actually survived even longer than the ancient temples Yogyakarta and the palaces ruins which are scattered around this city. 

3 Most Spooky Myths of Yogyakarta’s Ancient Temples
Thus, if you have a plan to visit Yogyakarta in the near future or simply curious about it, here we have 5 most spooky, yet interesting local folktales related to the ancient temples in Yogyakarta.

#1 Prambanan Temple
In this largest Hindu Temple site located in Indonesia, there is a myth about the 1000 temples and the cursed princess. The temple site itself is highly beautiful and worth checking for. It features numerous temples which create such amazing view from every angle. 

The myth of Prambanan Temple

Despite the beauty, the temple has a spooky story about the process of its establishment. It is said that there are supernatural beings that help Prince Bandung Bondowoso to build the temple as a proof of love for Princess Rara Djonggrang.

Local’s tips to visit Prambanan Temple

Because of the myths, it is said that local couples are likely to avoid visiting Prambanan Temple because they are believed to have a doomed relationship after the visit.

#2 Borobudur Temple
It’s no secret that Borobudur is the most popular ancient temple in Yogyakarta. It offers extraordinary architecture which creates a breathtaking experience for everyone who comes to visit this temple.

The Myth of Borobudur Temple

However, the temple actually remains mysterious. It was first found in 19th century under the layers of jungle and volcanic ash. But, what makes it fascination is that there is no ancient record discovered related to the temple.

Other tales about visiting Borobudur Temple

There is a statue named Singa Urung in the temple which is believed to be able to “separate” unmarried couples who walk past the statue.

#3 Sukuh Temple
Sukuh Temple is another exotic temple that is available in Yogyakarta. Because of its architecture and purpose, the temple is usually called as rebel. The temple is located in Gunung Lawu and it also has that unique, yet mysterious story behind it.

The myth of Sukuh Temple
It is said that the Sukuh Temple has been a place to test the virginity of women before. It is also known as the place to test a loyalty of a man to his spouse. Because of this story, the temple is locally called as an erotic temple that has supernatural gifts. 

Local’s Tips visit Sukuh Temple
There is mystical local’s belief that ladies who manage to walk the narrow steps on the temple without tearing their clothes are pure. For men,  if they manage to walk pass the human womb’s relief without requiring to take a leak, it means that they are loyal.

Final Thoughts
So, do you want to experience all of these mysterious stories of ancient temples Yogyakarta by yourself? If you are curious to check these mysterious temples, our Yogyakarta tour service can help you. Go check for further information. 

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