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What You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Trip in Yogyakarta

What You Shouldn’t Miss on Your Trip in Yogyakarta

Among so many regions in Indonesia, Yogyakarta or often called simply as ‘Jogja’ or ‘Jogjakarta’ is considered as one of the most culturally rich cities. This region is actually located in the same island of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia. However, the two are certainly different!
When Jakarta offers a view of various skyscraper which is so typically of a ‘big’ city, Yogyakarta offers you something calmer. Here, you will be welcomed with a city that is culturally rich in antique Javanese arts, inhabited by no more than 400,000 persons and a home of so many picturesque tourism objects.

If you happen to make Yogyakarta as your next trip destination, we will tell you some of the things that you shouldn’t miss on your trip in Yogyakarta. Here is the list!
1. Borobudur Temple
This is a World Heritage Site that you shouldn’t miss. It offers you four major platforms with a big circular stupa at the top. As a background, you can see some volcanoes surround the temple even sometimes you need to be lucky enough to see them at the same time. If you are a kind of sunrise hunter, enjoying sunrise at Borobudur temple will be a perfect idea.

2. Prambanan Temple
Prambanan Temple is another thing that you shouldn’t miss in Yogyakarta. If you come here in the evening, you can enjoy a spectacular Ramayana ballet performance in where you can see more than 200 musicians and dancers perform in open air. What makes it more stunning is of course the superb temple as the backdrop. 

3. Batik
As you come to Indonesia especially Yogyakarta, you must see many people wearing a distinctive patterned cloth that looks gorgeous no matter what. Well, that is batik, a traditional Indonesian fabric which has been known worldwide actually. In this city, you can enjoy yourself creating batik by your own hand in various batik workshops available here.

4. Jomblang Cave
If you seek for something that is unique, Jomblang Cave shouldn’t be missed. This cave is famous for its streaming heavenly light which falls down into the cave. There is no doubt that you will have such a great photo shot when you come here in the right time. It is highly recommended to book through a tour package for visiting this place.

5. Taman Sari
When you get around the city center, you shouldn’t miss this place! Offering a great architectural landmark, this water castle has a wonderful story behind it. This tourism object not only offers you such magnificent view, but a creepy underground burial chamber which is worth checking out!

That’s the list of things you shouldn’t miss on your trip in Yogyakarta. Actually, there are many other sites that are worth checking out since this city has a lot of places that you will love to check. However, if you come here don’t miss some of the things listed above. So, are you ready to check them out? Yes, you must! At last, have a nice trip!

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