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Watch Magnificent Bromo Sunrise on Penanjakan Hill

Watch Magnificent Bromo Sunrise on Penanjakan Hill

When you are planning to watch sunrise on Mount Bromo, you will have some viewpoint options. Among the available options, watching sunrise on Penanjakan Hill becomes the most favorite because it is considered offering the best spot to view the magnificent moment of sunrise in Bromo. This is because the hill stands across the Mount Bromo.

What Makes Penanjakan Hill Special

In addition to the location of the hill which is across the Mount Bromo, Penanjakan Hill becomes a favorite spot to watch sunrise because it offers such amazing view of other volcanoes as well. On the summit, you can also see other volcanoes like Mount Kursi and Batok which makes the view is far more superb. 

Moreover, the view of Mount Semeru as the backdrop makes the sunrise looks far more beautiful. It is also supported by the view of sand ocean of Bromo that is covered by fog. It makes such natural wonder that you will never forget. 

How to Get to Penanjakan Hill

Then, how can we reach this hill? Nowadays, it is very easy for tourist to reach the summit of this hill since you can drive on jeep that can be rented together with Bromo tour package. If you are traveling from Malang, to get to the jeep location, you can drive to the location through Tumpang or Cemoro Lawang.

Alternative for Penanjakan Hill

Even though watching sunrise on Penanjakan Hill becomes the most favorite and popular Bromo sunrise viewpoint, the other viewpoints around Mount Bromo is also worth to visit. When the main viewpoint is too crowded, there are some other alternatives that you can take into account.
  • King Kong Hill

King Kong Hill becomes one of the alternatives to watch the beautiful sunrise of Mount Bromo. This hill is located lower than the summit of Penanjakan Hill. To get to this viewpoint, visitors can hike from Cemoro Lawang for one hour trip. What makes this location is perfect for you is because it is less crowded than the other spots, yet it still offers such magnificent sunrise view.
  • Cinta Hill

Cinta can be translated into Love in English. The Love Hill is located among some regions including Malang, Pasuruan, Lumajang and Probolinggo region. Similar to Penanjakan Hill, this location is also less crowded for Bromo sunrise viewpoint. What makes it interesting is that the view is just elegant and you can also enjoy the beauty of the sunrise with exotic volcanoes as the background.
  • Mentigen Hill

Located in Sukapura, Probolinggo region, this hill situated 2,273 meter above the sea level. Here, you can watch the beautiful panorama of Mount Bromo which is supported by the magnificent sunrise. You can also do camping here while waiting for the sunset of Bromo. 

Those are several alternatives viewpoint for sunrise in Mount Bromo. If you are interested to witness the beauty of Mount Bromo sunrise, you shouldn’t miss one of those viewpoint locations. So, are you ready for watching sunrise on Penanjakan Hill or the other alternatives? Yes, you must!

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