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Surf on Plengkung Beach, the World’s Best Surfing Beach

Surf on Plengkung Beach, the World’s Best Surfing Beach

As one of the biggest regencies in East Java that offers so many natural wonders, Banyuwangi now becomes one of the most famous tourism destinations. Starting from Ijen Crater which is now recognized globally for its blue fire, there is also Plengkung Beach which is known as one of the best beaches for surfers.

What Makes Plengkung Beach Exceptional

Many tourists come to Banyuwangi to surf on Plengkung Beach. There must be a reason why this beach is loved by many surfers around the world. Also known as G-Land Beach, Plengkung Beach offers such huge waves that will be a nice challenge for professional surfers. This location is also famous for the demanding surfing sport in the world.

Moreover, you can also look forward to the beauty of virgin tropical land forest that surrounds the beach. So, it will not only be the huge wave that appeal you as surfer, but also the amazing panorama that will remain on your mind.

When the Best Time to Go

If you are interested to challenge your surfing skill on Plengkung Beach, it is recommended for you to come between May to October. These months are considered as the best time for you to surf on the beach. No doubt that this beach is a paradise for every professional surfer.

Most surfers who want to try to conquer the huge wave of Plengkung Beach start to travel from Bali. Then, they can take on ship to Java from Bali. When they arrive to Banyuwangi, they can directly go to Alas Purwo National Park to cross the Grajagan Bay and finish in Plengkung Beach where the huge waves wait for every surfer in the world.

Where to Stay

If you want to surf on Plengkung Beach and take a few days to enjoy this surfer paradise, there are several simple cottages that you can visit for staying overnight. If you love to enjoy the open air by camping, a jungle camp is also available by the beach. 

The recreational facilities on the beach are quite complete. You can make sure that you will be able to stay comfortably while you are enjoying the beach and its huge waves.

How to Get There

Located on the Banyuwangi south coast, any surfer who wants to try the huge waves of Plengkung Beach can reach the beach overland. You can take bus, ojek or rent a car from Banyuwangi to Kalipahit and then continue your trip to Trianggulasi – Plancur and then Plengkung Beach.

Furthermore, you can also take another route by speedboat from Grajagan Bay to Plengkung Beach. From Banyuwangi to Grajagan, you can take bus or other public transportations.

Final Words

It must call your surfing soul, isn’t it? If you are a professional surfer and you want to challenge yourself on one of the best surfing beach in the world, there is no other ways than come to Banyuwangi and witness the fun by yourself. So, come to surf on Plengkung Beach and get the most of your surfing time!

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