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Shop for Unique Souvenirs on Malioboro Street

Shop for Unique Souvenirs on Malioboro Street

You haven’t visited Yogyakarta if you haven’t come to Malioboro Street. This street is just like Paris for France that becomes the magnet for every visitor. If you are searching for the largest shopping center in Yogyakarta, here it is!

This street is very popular among visitors and always packed with people. Whether you come here in the afternoon or in the evening, you will find that there are many persons walk around the street for shopping or simply for sightseeing. This location will be a perfect destination for you to spend your time buying unique souvenirs in Yogyakarta.

What You Can Expect

Even though it is well-known as a big shopping street, there are actually more things that we can expect than only row of stalls selling souvenirs. Of course you will find a row of souvenir shops as well as some shopping centers that offer various goods for you. In addition, you can also find some hotels to stay as well as many restaurants.

On Malioboro Street, you can also find some food street stalls offering traditional cuisines. You can find something like sate, grilled chicken which is pricked and served with peanut sauce, soto, traditional clear soup with noodles and bean sprout and many others. 

Moreover, you can also find angkringan, a street food that offers something like coffee, traditional beverages as well as traditional snacks from Java. If you want to save your budget, it is a good idea to have street food as your meal since it is considerably inexpensive.

  • Our Tips to Shop on Malioboro Street

Are you ready to shop on this biggest shopping street in Yogyakarta? Well, before you go, we will tell you some tips to shop here. So, let’s check this out!

  • Come in the evening

If you want to avoid the sunburn, you can consider coming to this street in the evening. It is actually nice to walk around here in the afternoon, but it is recommended for you to wear sun hat since it can be very hot during noon. You may opt for time before dusk for less hot weather.

  • Bargain!

Well, you may get surprised that you can bargain. If you come to the traditional market around Malioboro Street, it is highly possible for you to bargain for what you want to buy. You can try to bargain because it will be fun!

  • Don’t forget to go for batik

As you come to Yogyakarta, you must have heard enough about batik, an Indonesian traditional fabric that is well-known for its uniqueness. When you go for sightseeing on this street, you will find a lot of souvenirs including batik clothes, Javanese puppets and many more. 

That’s all a few tips that you should keep in mind before shopping to this big shopping street. You must not get surprised to find a lot of people on this street especially in holiday season and weekends. You may consider coming here on weekdays to avoid the crowd. Finally, happy shopping!

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