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Hike Ijen Crater to See the Blue Fire

Hike Ijen Crater to See the Blue Fire

There is no shortage of volcanoes in Indonesia especially in Java. You can find so many peaks of mountains from the most active one like Mount Merapi to the beautiful Mount Bromo National Park. But, there is one of the most unique ones that we shouldn’t miss. Yeah, we are talking about Mount Ijen that offers the famous Ijen Crater or locally called as Kawah Ijen. 

Why Ijen Crater Is Special

There are some special things about this crater. When you decide to hike Ijen Crater, you will know that you will have so many appealing things to expect. Here are some of the highlights that you can expect.
  • The blue fire!
Many people come to Ijen Crater for this reason. This astonishing natural wonder is surely something that makes this place special. The Ijen blue fire is formed by the intense heat of Ijen volcano which is mixed with large amount of sulphur.

If you come here when it is still dark, you will see the blue fire glowing at the corner of the lake. It will be a super mesmerizing view that will keep your eyes wide open.
  • The acid beauty
Ijen Crater Lake is known as the most acidic in the world. Despite this fact, the beauty of the lake is no joke. Whether you come to see the lake closely or simply watch it from afar, this lake is just amazing. However, you may need to use mask to avoid the smoke that is created by the volcano especially when you come here during wet season. 
  • The mystical smoky crater rim
Even the smoky crater rim that you will find as you hike Ijen Crater is beautiful. You will find such mystical smoky view that is really good. You can take a good picture here or simply walk around to see this natural wonder. 

How to Get There

Ijen Crater is located between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso region in East Java. This location is actually not far away from Bali even though both region shares different island. You can get here through Bali or Java. 

If you are traveling from Bali, it is possible for you to reach this destination via Banyuwangi since it will only take 45 km away from Banyuwangi to Ijen crater. From Bali, you can take on a ship to Java and then drive to Banyuwangi for about two hours. 

On the other hand, if you are traveling from some cities in Java like Yogyakarta, you can fly to Surabaya and then go to Bondowoso. From Surabaya, you cannot take train because there is no train transport in this region. You need to take a trip of five to six hours by car. You can also consider taking bus to Bondowoso. 

Final Thoughts

Now, are you ready to hike and see the blue fire of Ijen Crater? If you are an adventure lover and want to challenge yourself with another new adventure, your journey to hike Ijen Crater will be a lot of fun. So, have fun!

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