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Get an Unforgettable Holiday in Baluran Savannah

Get an Unforgettable Holiday in Baluran Savannah

Most people who come to Indonesia may not know that Java Island of Indonesia has a savannah ecosystem similar like the one you can see in Sumba Island or African Continent. Well, we are talking about the Baluran National Park which is located in Situbondo, Banyuwangi. It has a natural savannah that it is called as the “Little Africa van Java”.

What to Expect from Baluran Savannah

No doubt that visitor who comes to Banyuwangi will have an unforgettable holiday in Baluran Savannah. This is because the savannah has that kind of enchanting instrument that will keep your eyes wide open. You will be able to see such wonderful scenery that will remain on your memory.

In addition to the wonderful savannah view, you can also watch various kinds of flora and fauna in this savannah. Some of the mammals that you can see here include wild pig, leopard cat, Java rusa deer and three species of monkeys. Here, you can also see the endangered Java banteng or buffalo which are recently under 30 buffalos left.

Moreover, you can enjoy the Bekol viewing tower to watch the wonderful twilight in this savannah. The combination of a variety of gradation from blue to red in the sky will make such mesmerizing view. As you open your eyes, you will see such amazing view in front.

In addition, there is also Bama Beach which is 3 km away from Bekol Savannah. You can expect for a magnificent view of white sand beach which is supported by nice live coral near the offshore. From the savannah, you can reach the beach by ojek that is usually available in the savannah.

Fun Things to Do in Baluran Savannah

To make sure that you can have unforgettable holiday in Baluran Savannah, there are actually several fun things that you can do here. Let’s check this out!
  • Hike Mount Baluran

To make your memory in this location far more exciting, you can hike Mount Baluran which is not as high as the peak of other volcanoes in Java. The peak of Mount Baluran can be considered as the best viewpoint of the panorama in this national park and around. On a clear day, you can even see Bali from the summit.
  • Enjoy local meals

Even though it is like the savannah of Africa, you can still find some simple shops that sell drinks and snacks here. The shops are available both in Bekol and Bama Beach. You can enjoy your snacks and drinks while witnessing the beautiful panorama.
  • Do camping

If you want to spend more time here, it is possible for you to do camping. You can stay at the available simple lodges and have a wonderful and memorable night in open savannah. It must be a great moment that you will never forget.

So, are you ready to spend your unforgettable holiday in Baluran Savannah? If you do, prepare yourself and be ready to get amazed from the beauty of this little Africa in Java.

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