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Get Horror at Lawang Sewu, the Most Haunted Landmarks in Indonesia

Get Horror at Lawang Sewu, the Most Haunted Landmarks in Indonesia

If you are into horror movies lately, you can try to challenge yourself to visit Lawang Sewu, one of the famous tourism objects in Indonesia. Located in Semarang, one of the big cities in Indonesia, this landmark is popular for its mystical story. If you are planning to spend your day or two in Semarang, you should add this destination into your list.

Lawang Sewu in the Nutshell

Before you get horror at Lawang Sewu, you may wonder what exactly this place is. In general, this tourism object is an abandoned and ancient building which was established during the Dutch colonial era in Indonesia between 1904 and 1907. This building is originally a head office for railway company. During WWII, this building is functioned as the headquarters of Japanese Military.

Lawang Sewu is a Javanese name which means “a thousand doors”. This building is called that way because it has numerous doors as well as windows that look like doors. Even though this three-story building doesn’t exactly have a thousand doors, the name still suits the building that has so many doors. Nowadays, this mysterious building is not only a deserted structure, but is a famous landmark to visit.

How to Get There

If you are interested to ancient and unique architectural buildings, you will love to explore this place even any person actually can get a lot of fun when visiting this place as well. To get there, you can easily reach it by car, air, bus or train. If you come to Indonesia from Jakarta, you can consider taking domestic flights to Ahmad Yani International Airport.

On the other hand, if you are from Yogyakarta, you can consider traveling to the north by car which will only take a few hours only. But, if you prefer to travel by air, it is highly possible too. The building is located at the Tugu Muda roundabout which is near the city center of Semarang and can be easily reached through various transportation options.

Top Tips before You Get There

To get the most of your trip to Lawang Sewu, you may need to learn some tips first. If you want to get horror at Lawang Sewu, it is recommended for you to come for the night trip instead of the day trip. This tourism object is open both at noon and at evening. If you want to challenge yourself for a mystical story behind the building, you can consider coming here for the night trip.

Moreover, you can consider wearing convenient clothes like tee since it can be quite hot during the noon especially if you visit this city in the dry season. Don’t forget to bring your camera too since you will have a lot of beautiful spots for taking a good pose. 

So, are you ready for your mystical trip to Lawang Sewu? Book a tour to visit this place then prepare yourself to get horror together with your friend in one of the most haunted landmarks in Indonesia!

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