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Extraordinary Photo Spots to Enjoy Yogyakarta above the Clouds

Extraordinary Photo Spots to Enjoy Yogyakarta above the Clouds

Yogyakarta is not only a central part of Java Island that is rich in cultural heritage. This artistic city is also blessed with awesome natural panorama that is worth checking out when you visit Indonesia. Nowadays, the city has been decorated with breathtaking attractions which can bring you to the best sights of Yogyakarta’s nature.

One of the best ways to get into Yogyakarta’s beautiful nature is by visiting extraordinary photo spots in this city. To help you find the best ones, here are some unique photo spots to enjoy Yogyakarta above the clouds.

5 Extraordinary Photo Spots to Take Pleasure in Yogyakarta 

1. Wood deck at Puncak Becici

This location gains more attention after Obama and his family came to visit Yogyakarta during his holiday with family in Indonesia. On top of the wooden deck at Puncak Becici, you will be able to enjoy the view of some volcanoes like Mount Sindoro and Mount Merapi. It is possible for you to watch the view of Parangtritis beach from here.

2. Heart-shaped deck at Kalibiru

Kalibiru area is well-known for its great photo spots. Offering various attractions that can be used to take an ordinary photo, Kalibiru is a great place for you who are seeking for Instagramable spot. One of the best spots at Kalibiru is a heart-shaped deck with a phenomenal view of Sermo Dam that is surrounded by greeneries under the clouds as the backdrop.

3. Giant hibiscus deck at Goa Jepang Surocolo

If you want to enjoy Yogyakarta above the clouds, you shouldn’t miss this place. Located not far from the well-known Parangtritis beach, this Giant Hibiscus deck is easy to reach. On top of the deck, you have an opportunity to enjoy a exciting view of the waves touching its shorelines and a breathtaking green forestry. 

4. Bird’s nest at the Mojo Gumelem Hill

Created in 2016, the Mojo Gumelem Hill used to have a simple viewing deck only. But nowadays, there are several more attractions that you can enjoy. One of the best spots that you must visit here is the bird’s nest. Here, you can see the gorgeous scenery of river and forest. Just make a good pose and take a picture for a moment that last forever.

5. Ship-shaped viewing deck at Tembelan Kanigoro

Once you arrive here, there is no doubt that you will be amazed with the spectacular view of this location. Coming here to seek for sunrise is also a good idea since you will be able to witness such a great sunrise view that keeps you amazed. You can step into the ship-shaped viewing deck of this location to enjoy your time above the clouds.

That’s all five top photo spots that you have to visit to enjoy Yogyakarta above the clouds. Remember to bring a camera with you so that you can take many great photos as a memorable souvenir. Now, the next step is to book a tour to all of these wonderful places and start to enjoy Yogyakarta’s beautiful panorama!

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