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Explore the Whimsical Beauty of Telaga Warna in Dieng

Explore the Whimsical Beauty of Telaga Warna in Dieng

It is sad but true that Indonesia is more likely to be linked to Bali when it comes to tourism objects. But, there are actually so many other beautiful sights in Indonesia that are worth checking for. One of the best places to explore Indonesia is Dieng. Located in Central Java which is nearby Yogyakarta, this region offers a wonderful area to get relaxed.

When it comes to Dieng, there are numerous objects that you can visit. Among them, Telaga Warna in Dieng is a must to visit. Telaga Warna is actually a whimsical lake that can change its color. Sometimes you will see that the color is green and sometimes else it will turn into other colors like red, white, blue and violet. 

Why It Is Worth to Visit

It is peaceful. That’s one of the reasons why you need to consider visiting this place. If you want to escape from the hustle bustle of the city and get relaxed, this place will be a perfect choice. However, you may need to come outside the Indonesia holiday season since this place will be very crowded from both local and international tourists.

Moreover, it can also become a wonderful photography spot. You can go around the lake and take your most beautiful photo here. As you get around, you will be able to enjoy the distinct colors of the lake and also the breathtaking green scenery around it. With Mount Sumbing as the backdrop, there will be no other best word to describe this place than wonderful!

How to Get There

Then, how can you get to Telaga Warna in Dieng? Located in a peaceful mountainous setting, you will expect for a quite long journey to get to this area from the downtown. You can reach this place from Wonosobo, a region in Central Java by taking public transportation. 

For easier way to get there, you are recommended to book for a tour to Dieng that includes Telaga Warna as one of the attractions to visit. In this case, you may start your journey from Yogyakarta or other regions. 

Best Way to Enjoy Your Time Here

Well, you can actually expect for a wonderful journey to Talaga Warna. To get the most of your journey, you should make sure that you wear convenient clothes since you will get around the lake to witness all the beauty sides of this lake. Moreover, you may need to opt for sneakers as well for more convenient shoes to walk around.

Next, it is also recommended to come here before noon but not too early either. At this time, you will have more chance to see the best side of this lake. You can witness the change of color of the lake too. 

Moreover, don’t forget to bring a camera as well since you will find a lot of great spots to take picture. Now, are you ready to explore the whimsical view of Telaga Warna in Dieng? Then, book for a tour here and enjoy your time in this peaceful mountainous place. 

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