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Explore Prambanan Temple, the Magnificent UNESCO World Heritage

Explore Prambanan Temple, the Magnificent UNESCO World Heritage

Despite the size which is not as big as the nearby Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple is stil an impressive destination to visit in Java. Built during the Mataram Kingdom, this temple is surely stunning in its own way. Here, you can see a complex of 240 temples that look so impressive even from afar. 

Brief Story of Prambanan

This temple is actually a Hindu temple which is established during Sailendra Dynasty during the 8th century AD. It is made to honor Lord Shiva. In general, the temple complex is separated into three major zones. 

First, there is inner zone which becomes the location for eight temples and little shrines devoted to gods. Second, there is an outer open space and third there is middle zone housing where 224 identical shrines located. 

Even though this temple ruined because of an earthquake during the 16th century, it still becomes a center of attention for many visitors around the world. Nowadays, this temple is also dedicated as one of the UNESCO World Heritage.

How to Get There

For visitor who is now in Yogyakarta, the Prambanan Temple is nearby the downtown area of Yogyakarta. It is only one hour by rented car or local bus. It is located near the highway that makes it very easy to find. You can come here between 6 am to 6 pm daily.

If you haven’t arrived in Yogyakarta yet, this city is reachable by various transportations. You can travel by air via Adi Sucipto Airport which is open for both international and local flight. If you prefer to come here by other transportations like train or bus is also possible.

Our Tips to Explore the Temple

If you are a first time visitor, actually there is nothing to worry about since it is very comfortable to explore around the temple. The ticket to enter the temple will cost you about $25 and you will have an opportunity to explore all the attractions here.

When you come here, it is recommended for you to opt for non-revealing clothes since it is required for you to not wearing revealing clothes. However, if you don’t bring any, there will be a sarung, a kind of long and wide fabric, provided for you upon the entry.

Then, in case you want to enjoy the magnificent sunset in this temple, you can schedule your visit to this temple in the afternoon. In addition to the spot for watching appealing sunset, you will get an opportunity to watch Ramayana Ballet as well. It will be such a great experience for you, so you better don’t miss it.

Furthermore, if you are kind of interested to the legends, symbols and also stories about the temple, you can consider hiring a local guide to accompany you walking around the temple. They will gladly show and tell you everything about the temple.

That’s all some tips to explore Prambanan Temple. If you are interested to walk around this temple and see its magnificent, come to Yogyakarta and book your travel!

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