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Experience the Beauty of Breksi Cliff, Yogyakarta

Experience the Beauty of Breksi Cliff, Yogyakarta

If you want to have a unique trip in Yogyakarta, you must consider experiencing the beauty of Breksi Cliff. Near to the popular Prambanan Temple, this tourist destination is worth checking for. This location is actually an abandoned limestone mining before it is turned into a spectacular spot to have fun by visitors.

Brief Overview of Breksi Cliff

Among many other tourist destinations in Yogyakarta, Breksi Cliff or known locally as Tebing Breksi start to attract visitors’ attention. It was inaugurated in 2015 with the authorization of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X as the Yogyakarta Governor. Now, the abandoned mining cliff has become a cultural heritage that gains more attentions.

This cliff is situated in Sambirejo Village which is in the similar area with some other popular tourist destinations including Ratu Boko Palace, Candi Ijo and Candi Banyunibo. From Prambanan Temple, this location is only 3 km away.

What You Can Expect from Breksi Cliff

Of course, there is something good about this cliff that makes many people are willing to spend their day or night here. If you come here in the afternoon, you will be able to see the 20 meters cliff that looks so exotic. There is no doubt that it will make a gorgeous background for your photos. 

Since it has been carved nicely, you will not see a usual limestone cliff. It comes as a great carved cliff nowadays. More interestingly, the local artists who carved the cliff also create some appealing decorative sculptures that make the beauty of Breksi Cliff more standout.

Because it is situated quite high from the sea level, you will be able to watch the Yogyakarta city view on the west side of the cliff. You can also view Prambanan Temple and Mount Merapi from the cliff. It makes the panorama on top of the cliff more interesting.

Moreover, if you come here early in the morning, you can expect for nice sunrise from the top of the cliff. Sunset from this cliff is also popular for its beauty. So, if you are expecting a nice sunset viewpoint in Yogyakarta, you can consider visiting Breksi Cliff.

Then, this cliff can be a perfect choice for you who don’t know where to spend your night in Yogyakarta. In the evening, you can expect for wonderful view from this cliff too. As you go on top of the cliff, you will be able to see the beautiful ocean of lights that create a wonderful night view from top of the Breksi Cliff.

If you come in the right time, you can also expect for art performance that is performed on the stage that is called Tlatar Seneng. 

Final Words

That’s a worth checking for, isn’t it? If you are interested to experience the beauty of Breksi Cliff at the time when you go to Yogyakarta, you can choose to come here at noon or at evening. However, you may need to bring sun hat and wear comfortable clothes when come in the afternoon because it can be so hot. Finally, hope you enjoy your trip!

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