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Enjoy the Ocean Breeze on the Hidden Ngandong Beach

Enjoy the Ocean Breeze on the Hidden Ngandong Beach

It is no secret that Indonesia has numerous beaches as a country that has a lot of islands. However, the problem is actually that all of beaches mentioned in the guide books are often crowded. As a result it is somehow challenging to find a hidden beach close to popular tourist destination without a guide from locals. 

The good news is that there is a quiet beach that we are going to reveal to you. Located in Yogyakarta which becomes a well-known tourist destination, Ngandong Beach is surely one of the best if you are seeking for a ‘hidden’ beach to get relaxed. Compared to other popular beaches in Yogyakarta, this beach is rather quite, yet it is just as breathtaking as the other popular ones.

Things to Do on Ngandong Beach

Well, there are actually a lot of things that you can do here. In addition to watch the gentle wave, white sand, clean water and pristine landscape, you can enjoy this beach by doing many other things. Here are some of the examples.

Enjoy local foods

Enjoying local foods while getting relaxed in the ocean breeze must be a paradise-like situation. Even though it is a hidden beach, there are some local families that live near the beach that will happily cook some local foods for you. You can have fresh caught seafood or instant noodle and then enjoy the meals happily.

Stay overnight 

It might be hidden, but there is also local family that is ready to rent out a small bungalow for you to stay overnight on Ngandong Beach. By staying overnight here, you may have a chance to witness the beautiful night stars in open air. You can also have a higher chance to view both the sunrise and sunset moment on the beach.

Get relaxed

Of course, you will be able to get relaxed during your visit here. You can also take so many beautiful photos for souvenirs. With the beautiful skyline and the blue ocean as the background, there is no doubt that you will get such awesome photos during your holiday.

How to Get There

Then, how can you get there? Since it is a kind of hidden beach, visiting this place is not easier as the other more popular beaches in Yogyakarta. There is no service for buses or other public transportations to this place. It is recommended to rent a car or motorcycle to get there by yourself. However, it will be risky if you don’t really know the track.

In this case, it is more recommended to book for a tour to the hidden beaches so that you can have an opportunity to come to this place safely and excitingly. More importantly, you will be able to be nervous-free since there will be a guide for you.

So, what do you think? It must be perfect to spend some of your time in Indonesia to visit Ngandong Beach, isn’t it? Then, get ready and have fun!

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