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Challenge Yourself for the Terrifying, Yet Amazing Mount Merapi Tour

Challenge Yourself for the Terrifying, Yet Amazing Mount Merapi Tour

Are you calling for an adventurous trip that will challenge your adrenaline during your visit to Indonesia? Then, you need to go for Mount Merapi tour. Located in Yogyakarta, this mountain is known as the most active volcanoes in Indonesia. If you dare to challenge yourself, this trip will honor you such amazing gift at the end.

What to Know before Visiting Mount Merapi

As an active volcano, this mountain has erupted more than 60 times since 1548. The name of this mountain actually refers to Mountain of Fire in English. This name suits how active this mountain is. If you are planning to have a trip to Yogyakarta, get a tour to Mount Merapi will be a perfect idea for you who love to challenge yourself.

There are actually some highlights that you can expect along your Mount Merapi tour itinerary. One of the highlights that you can visit is Museum Sisa Hartaku which can be translated into Museum of My Remaining Treasure. This museum is basically a house that is affected by the eruption of Merapi in 2010. You can see various things owned by the family like clothes, furniture, motorcycles, pets and more.

Our Tips to Visit Mount Merapi

When it comes to Mount Merapi tour, there are actually some points that you can take into account to make the most of your trip. So, let’s check this out!

Go for sunrise tour

One of the best ways to enjoy your trip to Mount Merapi is by going for the sunrise tour. What makes it a great thing for you is because you will get an opportunity to view the spectacular panorama during the dawn. You may need to leave early in the morning to make it possible, but your trip will be paid.

Have fun with jeep tour

Driving jeep to visit this mountain is a good idea. It will be a lot of fun to spend your trip on the jeep while witnessing all of the nature beauty of Yogyakarta. You can also create an amazing video and take such great photos during your fun Mount Merapi tour with the jeep.

Do prepare

Just like many other tours, you need to prepare for the best. If you are going to hike the mountain, you need to prepare for some necessary items like sun hat, sunglasses, snack and also water. It might be tiring to have a long trip to the summit, but remember that all your tiredness will be paid with a breathtaking view on the summit.

Those are some of the basic tips that you can follow to get the most of your trip to Mount Merapi. In addition, it is recommended to join for a tour package since it will be easier for you to arrange the itinerary and other things. Choose the tour package that suits your taste and go for it! So, are you ready to challenge yourself to the terrifying, yet amazing Mount Merapi tour? Well, you must!

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