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taman sari


Taman Sari is a place of pleasure and a place of relief of the King of Jogja. The building that combines Dutch, Chinese, Javanese, and Hindu culture was built during the reign of Prince Mangkubumi alias Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. This water palace was built in honor of the sultan's wives who had helped during the war. Demak Tengis, a Dutch citizen is an architect who designed this magnificent castle.

Historical sources reveal that Taman Sari complex used to have about 57 buildings. The building is an artificial island, swimming pool, artificial lake, underground tunnels, parks, gardens, arches, warehouses, kitchens, places of worship, rooms, towers and high rise buildings. Currently the remaining buildings visited by tourists are Gemuling Well, Umbul Pasiraman, Gedhong Gapura Hageng and Gedhong Gapura Panggung, underground tunnels, masjid pendem, and the ruins of Gedhong Kenongo.

In addition to the rest of the king and his family, Taman Sari is also often used as a place to meditate for the King as well as a place to design a war strategy. Taman Sari also serves as a fortress for the royal family. The building is equipped with security towers and underground tunnels as an escape route. Some say the secret tunnel leads to the South Sea coast.

After seeing the beauty of the bath pool, we can continue the adventure to Sumur Gumuling and Kenongo Building. In Sumur Gumuling complex there is an underground mosque or masjid pendem formerly used as a place of worship Sultan and family. The shape of this mosque is very unique and different from the mosques in general.

Taman Sari pendem mosque has two floors, upstairs for men and lower floor for women. The priest who leads the prayer will stand on a small square podium surrounded by 5 steps and a window with a window beside it. Without the need to shout loudly, the voice of the priest will be heard in all directions. Under the steps and small podium there is a pool used as a place of ablution. Now the pendem mosque is not used as a place of worship.

Another interesting spot is the Kenongo Building located near Ngasem Market. Taman Sari building is used as a king and family dining. Currently the Kenongo Building is just an exotic ruin. As the highest place of Taman Sari Complex, we can see Jogja city and beautiful sunset from this place.

Activities Can Do in Taman Sari Yogyakarta :
Photo Session
Taman Sari is a very photogenic building complex. Interesting spots for photography are bathing / Umbul Pasiraman / Umbul Binangun pools, underground tunnels to Gemuling Well, Gumuling Wells complex, and Gedong Kenongo.

Explore the Underground Tunnel
There are many secret tunnels hidden under the Taman Sari complex. The secret tunnel is the path to escape the Royal family if any enemy is attacked.

Sunset Seeing
As the highest point in Taman Sari Complex, Gedong Kenongo is the perfect place to wait for the sunset. From the ruins of Taman Sari complex we can watch the sunset. Very romantic

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